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Your budget might be ultra-conservative, but at the same time you certainly don’t want a toy. In fact, quite the opposite. You want a sporting chance for a small outlay. The Abu Garcia Black Max Spin Reels Small Sizes 20 and 30 does all that and more, providing an incredibly robust fishing reel that will perform with integrity. The 20 and 30 sizes will see you well placed to cover most inshore applications, land based, inland boat or Kayak, fresh and Salt.

You will be targeting anything from Trout, Bass and Yellow Belly to Bream, Flathead and Whiting. The spool is perfectly placed to handle braid or traditional mono, so you can fish easily with lures of all types as well as flesh baits, live and fresh.

Abu Black Max Spinning reels sport features from it older and more expensive sibling, the Revo. Features such as the Everlast bail system provides added durability to a commonly fragile threadline component. The Rocket line management system and the Rocket Spool Lip Design are the big technologies however that make casting legendary. Always accurate and always long, the big plus is that looping is pretty much eliminated. There is no more downtime sorting tangles, regardless of the number of times you cast. A brilliant feature for the lure angler.

3 bearings, while a small number in modern standards, is more than enough to give a silky feel and support under load. The absence of an array of moving parts makes this simple design perfect for the angler looking for no-fuss durability. An ideal choice for the part timer, novice and rough angler, the Abu Garcia Black Max Spin Reels Small Sizes 20 and 30 looks fantastic in Black and red. Grab one now and strap it to your favourite rod.

Features and Specifications

Model Bearings Weight (g) Max Drag (kg) Retrieve (cm) Per Crank Gear Ratio Approx Mono Line Capacity
BLACKMAX SP 20 Size 3+1 253 6 69 5.1:1 120 yards/5kg
BLACKMAX SP30 Size 3+1 261 6 74 5.1:1 150 yards/6kg
  • Lightweight graphite body and rotor
  • Machined aluminium spool
  • Everlast bail system  coupled with Slow Oscillation
  • Rocket line management system  as well as Rocket Spool Lip Design for better casting

Note: images for illustration only, slight variations may occur. Price is for 1 reel only. Choose the size you require when ordering

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Abu Black Max spin 20 size reel is that little finesse reel that you will come to love for estuary, lake, stream and harbour fishing for a wide array of light target fish species such as the likes of bream, trout, perch, bass, whiting, flathead and a whole lot more. Some suggestions we can provide is to fish this reel with a 6-7ft rod that has a line rating anywhere in the vicinity of around 2-5kg. We have plenty for sale here at Fishing Tackle Shop.

The 30 size is just that touch bigger – not by much but sees an increase in either line capacity or line weight size that can be used therefore stick along the same lines by choosing a rod around 6-7ft in length but with a line rating anywhere from 2-6kg.   Choose a graphite rod if you want sensitivity and feel and like to use a lot of lures or for the novice or bait angler fibreglass / eglass style rods like Uglystik rods make good choices.

These are our suggestions of course this is purely a guide so feel welcome to go you own way. If you do require some assistance in rod choice just get in touch with us.


  • The lightweight graphite body and rotor ensures your Abu Black Max Spin reel is very strong without the added weight penalty reel strengthening often attract.
  • The simplicity of design ensures the Black Max  Spin20 or 30 reel is very robust and durable. Ideal for the angler that tends to punish their equipment.
  • Line management is superb. Slow Oscillation, the Rocket line management system and the Rocket Spool Lip Design work hand in glove ensuring you cast loop free and therefore tangle free, throw after throw.
  • The Everlast Bail System is an excellent design. One of the issues with spin reels over the years has been the propensity for auto bail systems to be too fragile. Everlast was designed to combat this recurring problem and provides Black Max with even greater durability.

No Nonsense, no mess no fuss. The Abu Garcia Black Max Spin Reels Small Sizes 20 or 30 size will see you dominate the lightweight inshore applications with trouble free performance. An ideal entry level model sporting some great features from a higher price bracket.


Abu Garcia


20 (Spin), 30 (Spin)

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