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Outstanding cosmetic appeal is just the beginning with the Abu Garcia Revo ALX spin Reel. Designed for versatility within the inshore waters the sizes in this series of fishing reel will be ideal for finesse applications upriver with a shallow spool model through to chasing a larger class of fish with the 5000 model.

7 bearings with the computer optimized (COG) gear design provides excellent strength and a silky-smooth crank. There is plenty of super smooth stopping power with the celebrated Carbon Matrix drag system. Casting manners are exceptional for a real at this price point. The C6 carbon rotor Rocket Line Management System combines brilliantly with Rocket Spool Lip Design and the Slow Oscillation. Line lay is even, wind knots are better eliminated and casts are long an accurate.

The smaller models are ideal for casting soft plastics and smaller hard body fishing lures at Bream and Bass in any lurk. Whiting anglers will also enjoy the precision and efficiency of the smaller 2000, 2500 or 3000 models. Size up for a larger class of fish then the 5000 will be for true versatility inshore and off. With a 5000 hit the beach for light action Salmon and Tailor or Chase monster Bream and Drummer from the rocks.

The Abu Garcia Revo ALX Reel performs every bit as well as it looks. The slick design and classy spool porting is just a hint about the classy features inside. The Abu Garcia Revo ALX Reel for sale now is affordable class and reliability. Select a size to suit you and get casting.

Features and Specifications

Model Spool Type Ratio Weight MaxDrag Approx mono Capacity () Approx PE Braid Line Capacity Approx capacity by line diametre Size Class
ALX2000SH Shallow 6.2:1 200g 3 kg 4lb/100m PE0.6/100m 0.165mm/100m Small Reel
ALX2500SH Shallow 6.2:1 217g 5.2 kg 6lb/100m PE0.8/150m 0.205mm/100m Small Reel
ALX3000SH Shallow 6.2:1 227g 5.2 kg 8lb/150m PE1.2/150m 0.235mm/150m Small-Med
ALX4000SH Shallow 6.2:1 284g 7.7 kg 12lb/120m PE2 /150m 0.285mm/120m Medium size reel
ALX5000H Standard 5.6:1 395g 10 kg 20lb/150m PE 3 / 240m 0.45mm/150m Medium Size Reel
  • Suitable for freshwater fishing but amazingly capable for saltwater due to salt shield bearings
  • 7+1 salt shield ball bearing system – water replant shield bearings
  • Drag System: Carbon Matrix
  • Light weight Insert moulded body
  • Aluminium Spool – machined to allow braid to be tied direct to spool / Rocket Lip spool edging
  • Slow Oscillation
  • C6 Carbon Rotor
  • Type: Spin Reel

Note: Multiple images are for illustration only. Price is for 1 reel, choose which Abu ALX fishing reel you choose to purchase when ordering. Note also that slight differences may occur from images between models such as handle design etc.

Abu Garcia ALX Reel Buyer’s Guide And Fishing Applications

Small size class ALX models

Most of the Revo ALX Fishing reels we sell here on this listing are shallow spool models (so that is the 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000 model). You may be thinking what the heck would you want a fishing reel with a shallow spool for? Well, these reels are ideal for braid anglers that want to run braid right through, since braid is thin you can generally fit a desired capacity of braided fishing line onto the spool without having to muck around with backing line. This keeps things finesse and light as possible improving overall performance.

Size wise 2000 and 2500 are small reels ideal for light freshwater and saltwater fishing styles such as fishing for bream, whiting, bass, trout and the like and will perform well paired up to a graphite 6-7ft rod that has a line rating of around 1-4kg.

Medium size class ALX models

3000 is your intermediate allrounder that will suit heavier inshore applications just has targeting flathead, mulloway, mangrove jack, etc.  Pair up with a graphite spin rod rated up to around 6kg.

4000 and 5000 are medium size reels and the larger in this series. 4000 has a shallow spool and is suitable for heavier inshore applications as well as light offshore angling. The 5000 is much the same apart from its not a shallow spool model, the 5000 will hold a decent capacity of braid or mono.


  • Rocket Spool Lip Design coupled with the slow Oscillation and the C6 carbon rotor Rocket Line Management System promotes outstanding line lay increasing casting distance and reducing wind knots.
  • Machined aluminium braid ready spool Is super light-weight without sacrificing strength or durability.
  • Computer optimized (COG) gear design provides a super strong mesh with perfect synchronicity.
  • The new Salt Shield Bearing has a special coating that prevents salt from sticking, therefore inhibiting corrosion so your reel has a long working life.
  • The Carbon Matrix Drag System is as smooth as the crank and gives you plenty of stopping power to turn your target back to the boat.

The Abu Garcia Revo ALX Reel for sale now is as slick on the inside as its cosmetic appeal is on the outside. A master stroke by ABU for classy performance throughout the inshore waters. From Bream to Bass and beyond the Abu Garcia Revo ALX Reel is the smoothest of fishing reels at an accessible price.


Abu Garcia


2000 Shallow Spool, 2500 Shallow Spool, 3000 Shallow Spool, 4000 Shallow Spool, 5000 Standard Spool

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