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Daiwa designed the Aird 5500 fishing reel as the ultimate reel for casing off rocks or the beach and out into the surf. The huge spool capacity of the Aird 5500 makes it possible to cast far into the distance.

The Aird 5500 has been built with six ball bearings (5+1) to guarantee a smooth experience reeling in every catch. Daiwa has developed the Aird 5500 with a 5.1 gear ratio, drag pressure of 10kg, and a total weight of 610g. Those specifications make it a highly effective reel for rapid casting over long distances.

Surfcasting has suddenly become more effective, and it’s all thanks to the Daiwa Aird 5500. The six stainless steel ball bearings already go a long way to ensuring smooth performance, but then additional features boost the overall performance in exciting ways.

For instance, Digigear has been added to deliver tremendous cranking power. Speed, power and longevity are all optimized by a bronze pinion gear and surface-treated alloy drive gear. The strongest of fish won’t be able to fight against the drive of the Aird 5500.

The Daiwa Aird 5500 reel has a long-cast spool system that fits perfectly with distance casting at high speeds. Twist Buster has been added as an extra feature to guard against line twisting and to lower friction.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Aird 5500
  • Gear Ratio 5.1 / 1
  • Drag Pressure: 10kg
  • Ball Bearing 5 + 1
  • Spool Capacity: 6kg / 460m, 9kg / 270m
  • Weight: 610g
  • Advanced locomotive level-wind
  • Airbail
  • Aluminium handle and long cast spool
  • CrossWrap
  • Digigear
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Quick drag
  • T-shape handle knob
  • Twist Buster

Finding a fishing rod for your Aird 5500 spin reel

The Daiwa Aird 5500 reel is suited to rods ranging from 3m to 4m in length great for targeting big fish from the shore such as mulloway, salmon, tailor, bonito, snapper, etc. Rods such as the Daiwa Seabass and Sensor Surf would make a good match with this reel.


  • Daiwa has not only built you reel which can cast over long distances at high speeds, but one that also has the drag power to bring in powerful fish.
  • The Aird 5500 fishing reel has been optimized to deliver outstanding performance amid surf fishing conditions. This is the best reel for dragging resistant fish out of rough surf conditions.
  • CrossWrap ensures that the line is wrapped in a cross-layering system on the spool. As a result, Daiwa ensures that the Aird 5500 reel prevents line dig-in and thus improves the distance of your surfcasting.
  • Airbail construction has been incorporated to give you minimal weight and maximum rigidity with the Aird 5500 reel. Hollow tubes of stainless steel are combined by Daiwa to achieve those results.
  • The T-shaped handle has been crafted to provide complete comfort while reeling in tough fish. Daiwa has coated the surface to be just as effective in dry conditions as in wet conditions. You don’t want your grip to fail when it matters most.


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