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For fast hard Blue water action on heavy spin gear it’s nigh on impossible to pass up on the new Catalina fishing reel from Daiwa. These are powerful reels designed for chasing big fish. With the 6500 having 30kg of ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag), you’re set to take on the oceans toughest. The 2016 released version (this model) Catalina has a refined appearance, understated and classy as if to defy its formula one internal dynamics. As you can expect with a Catalina, the inclusion list is a who’s who of Daiwa’s flagship innovations and technologies. Check the list below, and be impressed.

If selecting any sizes between the 3500 to 5000 size, your need for speed will be the deciding factor. The H in the model code represents high speed. For those that like to cast metal slices for big Mackerel, Tailor and Aussie Salmon, the high geared Catalina will suit. If you prefer chasing Drummer or 40cm plus Bream from the rocks, gear down for cranking power and go the standard speed. The standard in say the 5000 still reels in 107cm, so it’s by no means a slouch in the speed department. Whichever you choose, powerful ATD will stop most determined runs, getting you in the driver’s seat earlier in fight.

If you want to hit the reef and chase GT’s, the 6500 is the beginning of such access. It’s great for trolling, casting and Jigging and may even give you a sporting chance should a Tuna monster your lure. Yes, it’s that strong. Of course, it is as smooth as silk as well. 8 bearings, Hyper Digigear, Zaion air rotor and the Super Metal Housing, provide a solid feel, with no twist or give allowing for perfect synchronicity.

For those looking for absolute premium performance in a heavy duty spinning reel, who aren’t prepared to max out the credit card on Saltiga, the New Daiwa Catalina for sale is a clear winner. It is nothing short of perfect for the surf, the rocks and cruising the blue water for hard pulling fish. When you want Kingies, Cobia, big Tailor and Salmon, Tuna, Sailfish, GT as well as Mulloway, Snapper and more choose the Catalina reel.

Features and Specifications

Model Size Class Gear Ratio Per Crank Approx Weight Max Drag Approx Line Cap (braid)
3500H Medium 5.7:1 (98cm) 445gm 10kg PE 2(approx 20lb)/300m, PE3(approx 30lb)/200m
4000 Medium 4.9:1 (87cm) 435gm 10kg PE 3(approx 30lb)/300m, PE4(approx 40lb)/220m
4000H Medium 5.7:1 (102cm) 435gm 10kg PE 3(approx 30lb)/300m, PE4(approx 40lb)/220m
4500 Medium 4.9:1(94cm) 590gm 15kg PE 4(approx 40lb)/300m, PE5(approx 50lb)/240m
4500H Medium 5.7:1 (110cm) 590gm 15kg PE 4(approx 40lb)/300m, PE5(approx 50lb)/240m
Catalina 5000 Med/Lge 4.9:1(104cm) 605gm 15kg PE 4(approx 40lb)/400m, 5(approx 50lb)/300m
Catalina 5000H Med/Lge 5.7:1 (121cm) 605gm 15kg PE 4(approx 40lb)/400m, 5(approx 50lb)/300m
Catalina 6500H Large 5.7:1 (131cm) 815gm 30kg PE 6(approx 60lb)/400m, 8(approx 80lb)/300m
  • Ball Bearings: 8+1
  • Suitable size Reel for surf, rock and boat fishing
  • Famous inclusions by Daiwa such as Mag seal, real four, Automatic tournament drag, twistbuster II and so much more
  • Metal Housing including the side plate and main body
  • Manual Bail Trip is included (you need to manually close bail after cast – increasing longevity of the reel)
  • Water tight open roller that will suit large leaders.
  • Comfortable EVA Handle Knob.

Note: Images for illustration only – some variances may occur between models. Price is for one reel only and will depend on which size reel you choose. Choose a model from our selection menu near the add to cart button to check the item price for that size.


Daiwa Catalina Reel Buyers Guide

Medium Sized Catalina Reels: Don’t be fooled by the size. The 3500 to 4500 range suggests a general purpose inshore reel that you would point at the usual inshore species. The Catalina also offers high speed options. While the 3500 is by no means overkill for hunting Bream, Whiting and Flathead off surfside gutters. You can feel comfortable you have the power to battle a big Mulloway should it take an interest in the weighted grub tail you’re fishing a little deeper in the water column.

The 4000 and 4500 sizes presents realistic access to light sports action with blue water species. They will also perform beautifully hunting Tailor and Mackerel from the rocks and beaches as well as a host of other rocket like surface predators. Shore and boat anglers will love them as will the rock hoppers that like taking big Bream and Pigs from the rocks.

This is a high performance spin reel. It is strongly advised that you match it with a rod of a similar pedigree. The 3500 will strap beautifully to a boat rod around the 6 to 7 foot length with a line class of 6 to 15kg or a 10-12ft surf rod with a rating to around 8kgs The 4000 and 4500 will sit perfectly on a medium action rod 8 to 12 foot. A line class of 4 to 10 kg will be best depending on whether you select the 4000 or 4500 or for boat anglers the 4000-4500 size will suit any boat spin rod with a rating upto around 15kgs or so.

Large Sized Catalina Reels: The Catalina is a premium class reel. Only a premium class rod will do it true justice. For the 5000 sizes select a rod 6-7ft. Snapper or barramundi fishing rods rated up to 10-20Kg are perfect for the boat. 10-11ft surf/rock rods rated up to 15Kg will be ideal and will also suit the 8/9ft general purpose rod. For the 6500 strap it to a 5 to 7 foot boat rod, surf and rock rod to 15 foot . The 6500H will also suit GT Popper rods rated 24-37kg+ and more. If you require further assistance in picking a new rod for the Daiwa Catalina 6500 or Catalina 5000 sizes just reach out to us and we will be glad to point you in the right direction. If you email us we can respond with some links to applicable products in our online fishing store.


  • Nothing beats the feel of pitting yourself against our toughest species with Daiwa’s top shelf spin reels.
  • Mag Seal is so effective that your reel will operate at peak for many years to come. It really does stop the garbage from getting in to your reels critical moving parts. It also cuts friction significantly.
  • With 10-30kg of Automatic Tournament Drag depending on which fishing reel size you choose, bust ups at the strike are less likely. While silky smooth throughout its range, ATD comes into its own the moment the fish strikes. Traditionally, your drag is at its most vulnerable the moment the fish grabs the bait. ATD eliminates this frustrating scenario.
  • Line management and casting manners are outstanding. Tough Airbail, ABS II, Twistbuster II and the BB line roller with rubber seal ensure tangles, twist and looping are all but eliminated.
  • The manual bail return does away with the auto return spring that is often the first component to fail in many a spin reel.
  • The Catalina is hi tech, Hi performance. You will be fishing with the best daiwa technology designed to last and perform brilliantly.

The 2016 Catalina has a stylish yet understated presentation. While the stats reveal a heavier class of reel for size, you simply won’t notice. The Daiwa Catalina Fishing reel is the epitome of balance with perfect weight distribution, particularly under load. Strength is a key feature of the Catalina, as is smoothness. This is why you get access to a bigger class of fish. The Catalina punches well above its size and weight.

Spool capacity is very generous, particularly for those using braid. Spool Capacity plus the significant drag power and housing strength combine to provide awesome fighting power that will see your Daiwa Catalina spinning reel deployed anywhere there is a strong chance of fish with size. Take a look at the extensive list of technological features and instead of drooling, just put one in your shopping basket. Heavy duty spin reels should not sacrifice anything in smoothness to be able to handle the rough stuff hard fishing demands. Catalina is tough as nails and smooth and silk, the perfect combination.




3500H HIGH SPEED 5.7:1, 4000 STANDARD SPEED 4.9:1, 4000H HIGH SPEED 5.7:1, 4500 STANDARD SPEED 4.9:1, 4500H HIGH SPEED 5.7:1, 5000 STANDARD SPEED 4.9:1, 5000 HIGH SPEED 5.7:1, 6500 HIGH SPEED 5.7:1

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