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The Luvias legend was created through years of research and by pushing technological boundaries. The 2015 models continue the tradition of excellence, setting standards in spin reel performance that are without peer. There are 5 Daiwa models in the finesse range (1003, 2004, 2506, 2500 and 2510PE) and there is 2 medium size model (3000 and 3012H) each with the same elegance in feel and styling with an atomic strength that deifies their diminutive stature. When it comes time to order – simply just select the 1 size that suits you best.

The feature list reads like a library of Daiwa’s flag ship technological creations. While you will of course pay a little more for your Daiwa Luvias, you are more than compensated with a fishing experience beyond parallel. Everything is perfect, not another feature could be added. For the angler who is drawn to finesse, for the angler that understands that fishing is a blend of art and sport, for the angler that seeks to own the inshore fishing grounds, the Daiwa Luvias is for you.

Performance is as smooth as it is seamless. Size defying strength and rigidity encapsulate a symphony of working parts, each married to the next, moving in a harmonious dance as silent as the vacuum of space. A humble fishing reel it is, sophistication that doesn’t need to yell to be noticed. The Daiwa Luvias is a fishing reel serious anglers aspire to.

If you want the best there is, if you feel you deserve the best of the best spin reel for your finesse fishing, you should put a Daiwa Luvias in your shopping basket now. Stop dreaming about it and don’t procrastinate any further. Take the first step to a whole new world of fishing you have thus far only imagined. Just remember, once you have flown first class, it’s nigh on impossible to return to economy. But why would you want to anyway. Own your Luvias now.

Features and Specifications

  • All the main Daiwa technologies are included including Real Four, mag seal, twist buster II, air rotor, ABSII, Automatic tournament drag system, real stopper and more.
  • Material: Daiwa Zaion Body – Made of carbon resin (high density)
  • Gear Ratio: 4.8:1 (5.6:1 on 2510PEH and 3012H Model)
  • Bearings: 8+1 ball bearings

Note: Price is for 1 reel only – Choose your preferred size model when ordering

Model Specific Info

Model CM Per crank Weight approx Drag (Kg) Spool Capacity
LV 1003 60cm 175 grams 2kg Mono:0.9kg/150m, 1.4kg/100m – Braid: PE 0.3/120m, 0.4/100m
LV 2004 64cm 185 grams 2kg Mono: 1.4kg/140m, 1.8kg/100m – Braid: PE 0.4/120m, 0.6/100m
LV 2506 72cm 200 grams 3kg Mono: 1.8kg/170m, 2.7kg/100m – Braid: PE 0.8/130m, 1/100m
LV 2510-PE 72cm 205 grams 7kg Mono: 3.6kg/155m, 4.5kg/130m – Braid: PE 1/200m, 1.5/150m
LV 2500 72cm 215 grams 7kg Mono: 3.6kg/200m, 5.4kg/150m – Braid: PE 1.5/200m
LV 3000 81cm 270 grams 7kg Mono: 5.4kg/200m, 7.2kg/150m – PE 1.2/350m, 1.5/300m
LV 3012H 95cm 275 grams 7kg Mono: 3.6kg/200m, 5.4kg/150m – Braid: PE 1.5/200m

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Recommendation Guide

The small sizes of daiwa luvias are mostly suited to fresh and saltwater fishing (light) targeting species such as trout, bass, bream, whiting, flathead and a range of other light weight targets. When picking a rod to suit we suggest around a 6ft -7ft 6 inch rod with a line rating of around 1-4kg for sizes 1003, 2004 and 2506 and for the 2510 and 2500 model we would suggest again a rod in around the same length with a rating around or between 2-6kg

The Daiwa Luvias 3000 or 3012 fishing reel is jammed full of Daiwa’s flagship technology. The angler is left wanting for nothing. Stylish, classic good looks only hint at the technological festival going on inside. Light weight and smooth as silk your Luvias is also strong as an Ox with the Zaion body providing rock solid, vibration free rigidity. The Tight Silent Oscillation seems to enhance the smoothness of the feel as gears, bearings and rotors dance in a perfectly choreographed ballet on a super strong stage. You medium size 3000 or 3012H Luvias is a reel of class and distinction for the angler demanding the ultimate in the inshore spin reel fishing experience.  Luvias 3000 and 3012H model reels are a medium sized spinning reel and therefore ideally suit the heavier inshore and light offshore angler. So all those that chase mulloway in lakes, barramundi and saratoga in rivers or dams, snapper and other reef fish offshore this size range is the ideal size for you. For rod choice generally they will fit a barra or light snapper graphite fishing rod with a rating upto around 10kg. If you need further assistance in rod choice simply reach out to us for additional help.


  • When you own the best you have the benefit of knowing that by default you have the ultimate list of technological inclusions.
  • Perfect for saltwater and freshwater applications.
  • MagSeal keeps the elements out and your reel functioning in peak condition, for a long working life.
  • Air Spool, Air Bail, Air rotor and ABS II feel silky smooth every turn.
  • The Zaion body is incredibly light weight yet has incredible strength and rigidity. Nothing provides an even transmission of vibration like Zaion.
  • With 2, 3 and 7 kilos of ATD drag respectively depending on which size you pick to purchase, you will have plenty of stopping power in drag technology so smooth that bust ups from the strike will likely become a thing of the past.

The 2015 model Daiwa Luvias Reels in the finesse range are nothing short of outstanding. They are the connoisseur’s choice for ultimate top shelf spin reel angling. If you buy yourself one special gift this year, make it one of the 2015 model Daiwa Luvias Reels from the finesse range.




LV 1003, LV 2004, LV 2506, LV2500, 3012H, 3000

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