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Despite everything, modern, touchy feely, society tries to tell us, sometimes there is just no substitute for size. The Daiwa Dogfight fishing reel is where big is joined in marriage to technological brilliance. The Dogfight allows you to tackle our fiercest, most belligerent fish species, whether you do it from land or aboard your favourite vessel.

The inclusions in the Dogfight are second to none. Daíwa’s best and most famous technology including MagSeal, Twistbuster II, Tough Air Bail and ABS II, make the Daiwa Dogfight a force to be reckoned with in any application. Casting prowess is outstanding. You’ll find the Saltiga Dogfight absolutely perfect on the rocks and for punching well out to the last line of breakers on a windy beach. Boaties will also enjoy casting their lures well away from the fish spooking hull.

There are two model options with the Saltiga Dogfight. The 8000 is built for cranking. Perfect for bottom bouncing and pulling monsters up from the deep. The 8000H is your ideal weapon from casting big slices, minnows and poopers at super-fast pelagic species such as tuna or GT Giant Trevally.

Whatever your application, you have the newest of Daiwa drag technology in the ATD, or Automatic Tournament Drag. This technology gives you the smoothest possible drag from the moment of strike. The drag starts very smoothly, and in just seconds, defers to the pre-set drag strength, all but eliminating bust ups from the moment of strike. It is technology like ATD that puts the Saltiga Dogfight fishing reel at the pinnacle of large spin reel performance. There really is nothing to compare. When you want big, when you want refined performance, you need to get the Saltiga Dogfight, there is no equal.

Features and Specifications

  • Choose from 8000 or 8000H When ordering (8000H is high speed)
  • Gear Ratio: 8000/4.3:1 or 8000H/5.6:1
  • Ball Bearings: 13+1
  • Weight: 850 grams
  • Max Drag: 30KG
  • Braid Line Capacity: PE 6 (approx 60lb)/540m, PE8 (approx 80lb)/400m, PE 10(approx 100lb)/300m
  • Main Daiwa Technologies included: ATD Drag System, Twistbuster II, ABS II, Hyper Digigear, Real Four and more.
  • Mag Sealed reel and also includes Mag seal ball bearings and lien roller
  • Bail System: Manual Bail (doesn’t close automatically which is better for casting and overall performance)
  • Body: Metal

Fishing Applications and Fishing Reel Selection Guide

The Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight fishing reel is specifically designed for hardcore fishing for GT Popping chasing those almighty giant trevally as well as being able to bring in monster tuna or marlin with its 30KG drag capacity it is therefore our suggestion that this fishing reel will perfectly match any dedicated GT Popper fishing rod, any jigging boat fishing rod or any heavy short spin fishing rod with a rating of around 24kgs Plus.


  • Incredible spool capacity – holding over half a Kilometre of PE 6, you have plenty of line to handle the biggest of hard runs.
  • Tackle some serious offshore competitors knowing you have the size and power to match it with the toughest fish.
  • Throw live baits into deep surf side gutters knowing you have all the pulling power you need to wrestle record Mulloway or Shark.
  • Cast a country mile for your favourite rock locations, tempting monsters with the biggest lures in your tackle box.
  • Lay into your hook up with plenty of aggression and power. With the Saltiga Dogfight at under a kilo, your endurance has just been given a lift up.

Finesse fishing is wonderful, of course. But sometimes we just want to lay into monsters with big, hard cranking reels, with all the power of a winch but the manners of a refined reel of elegance. Take some of the back breaking work and sweat out of your monster fish challenge and engage the Saltiga Dogfight to take over the hard work for you. The Saltiga Dogfight fishing reel is where raw power meets refined technology. The result, record fish!



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