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We are all familiar with the Daiwa Saltist spin reel. An eggbeater fishing reel of this pedigree is rarely missed by the discerning angler. It’s extremely popular with blue water spin enthusiasts, particularly those anglers chasing a bigger class of fish. The new Daiwa Saltist LTD Reel does not replace the Saltist range, it is a limited addition, a new flagship model, with a mind-blowing list of must have features. This new Saltist fishing reek sits atop of the Saltist range.

While targeted at the blue water angler the Daiwa Saltist LTD reel for sale will prove legendry on the beach and rocks. Starting at 4500 size there are 4 models in the rannge, with the huge 8000 the biggest, ideal for live baits, trolling for pelagic species or jigging deep for monsters. Hit the rocks with the 4500 and 5000 for Massive Bream and Drummer, salmon, tailor and other sport fish. The 6500 size will prove a legend allrounder for mixing it up for whatever is offering from the beach rock and blue water. With the 8000, you are limited only by your daring and imagination. Brilliant for casting big poppers at massive Kingfish lurking in the wash.

The all metal body is super rigid ensuring Digigear Daiwa technology does not miss a beat, keeping perfect mesh. Air rotor provides a feather light crank, balanced and consistent with 9 bearings making every turn of the handle velvety smooth. ABSII and Twistbuster II support efficient line management and casting manners. Everything is sealed tight against water and dust ingress by the revolutionary Magseal.

A heavy-duty salt reel wants plenty of line capacity and drag for tackling large species. The Daiwa Saltist limited Reel has it in droves. With 10 to 15 kg of ATD depending on which model size you choose to purchase, and very generous spool capacities, you have all the time in the world to arrest a charge and turn a big fish toward the boat. ATD tournament drag system is brilliant at hook-up. The silky-smooth engagement comes into its own immediately post-strike, when fish are often lost. It’s smooth as silk and deadly.

Features and Specifications

Model Size Class Gear Ratio Retrieve per crank (cm) Weight Max Drag PE Braid Line Capacity Approx line diameter capacity
4500 Medium Size Reel 5.7:1 109 630 grams 10 kg PE 3/400m, 4/300m, 5/240m 0.35mm/340m, 0.40mm/260m or 0.45mm/190m
5000 Med-Lge Size Reel 5.7:1 120 650 grams 10 kg PE 3/400m, 4/300m, 6/250m 0.35mm/460m, 0.40mm/350m or 0.45mm/260m
6500 Large Size Reel 5.3:1 123 840 grams 15 kg PE 5/500m, 6/400m, 8/300m 0.45mm/340m, 0.50mm/280m or 0.55mm/240m
8000 Extra Large Size Reel 5.3:1 135 850 grams 15 kg PE 6/540m,8/400m, 10/300m 0.45mm/500m, 0.50mm/400m or 0.55mm/340m
  • Bearings: 9+1
  • Body construction: Aluminium
  • Daiwa Technologies included are Magseal, Digigear II, ABS II, Twist buster II + more
  • Automatic tournament drag system
  • Suitable for saltwater fishing
  • Ideal for medium to heavy style fishing applications
  • 2017 Released model (and current)
  • Rubber ring on spool included so mono backing isnt required if using braid

Note: images are for illustration only, Price is for 1 Saltist TLD fishing reel and varies depending on which size model you choose to purchase.

Daiwa Saltist LTD Reel Buyer’s Guide

The Daiwa Saltist LTD Reel for sale now is a must have for the boat beach and rock angler looking for a powerful spin reel of top shelf pedigree. Jam packed with Daiwa’s flagship technologies the LTD will suit anglers of all abilities but is designed for tackling the toughest fish the ocean has to offer. From Salmon to Samson Fish to Kingfish and Cobia, the few extra bucks invested in the LTD will take your fishing to new heights.

Medium/Med-Large Size Class Saltist LTD Reels

Daiwa Saltist LTD 4500 Reel –  this is where it all starts. The 4500 is a medium size reel that really is versatile. It’s a size that caters to both the heavy inshore anger who fishes rock platforms as well as the beaches but makes a great medium class offshore boat size fishing reel as well.  As such generally the 4500 Size will pair up to a fishing rod that is between 8-12ft in length for beach and rock style fishing or up to a heavy 7ft or so length boat rod.

Daiwa Saltist LTD 5000 Reel – is the bigger brother of the 4500 and again makes an ideal reel for heavier inshore fishing styles through to medium to heavy offshore boat fishing. In terms of fishing rod choice, it’s pretty much the same that goes for the 4500 size.

Large/XL Size Class Saltist LTD Reels

Daiwa Saltist LTD 6500 Reel –  The 6500 size is where things start to get very serious. An Ideal starting size for super heavy beach and rock fishing to target tuna, sharks, mackerel, mulloway and any other inshore bruits. Holding a massive line capacity, the sky is the limit. It’s a spinning reel that will also well suit the offshore boat angler who does a bit of trolling with spin gear, perhaps a little bottom bashing on the reefs or throwing lures such as stickbaits or large poppers at Giant trevally.

Daiwa Saltist LTD 8000 Reel –  Is the pinnacle, the biggest size on the market for sale. Ideal for everything said about the 6500 size but with a larger line capacity. It doesn’t weigh too much more than the 6500 so why not go that little bit bigger.

In terms of rod choice for either the 6500 or 8000 size we suggest matching the reel up to a fishing rod that is around 12ft in length or longer for those anglers who wish to tackle the beaches and rocks. For the anglers that head off shore on the boat the 6500 or 8000 sizes will easily marry up to a heavy-duty boat rod of around 7ft or so. If you are throwing lures at GT we also have a few dedicated GT rods that are close to around 8ft in length.


  • The LTD is so versatile. Brilliant for bottom bouncing, trolling, casting and jigging, be it from Land or out at sea.
  • Automatic tournament drag is the top shelf of drag systems. It’s Invaluable at the strike as the smoothness from kick off ensures this nervous moment where fish are most often lost, is relegated to a problem of the past. The new reel design also ensures a more even wear of drag washers.
  • Lightweight, yet incredibly strong. The all metal body protects the gears and ensures all the power of the crank transfers to the hook.
  • The brilliance of Magseal ensures, that with correct reel care, your Saltist LTD fishing reel will last countless sessions in the harshest of environments against the toughest of species.
  • 9 corrosion resistant ball bearings provide a silky smooth ‘connected’ crank that will endure for a very long working life.
  • Daiwa have kept things super light. For example, the 8000 at 850 grams provides less chance of fatigue fishing, cast after cast.
  • Line capacity and a powerful drag ensure the LTD lives up to its status as a heavy duty blue water master.

The Daiwa Saltist LTD Reel is far from a toy. It’s a weapon for the most discerning of blue water anglers. You can tell by the Saltiga style handle, this gem of a reel is built for heavy cranking, built to handle the toughest anglers and toughest of fish. Select a size and enhance your fishing experience with a Daiwa Saltist LTD Reel now.




LTD 4500, LTD 5000, LTD 6500, LTD 8000

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