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The Daiwa Sol III for sale now offers the type of performance and endurance that fishing dreams are made of. The features and inclusions presents an exhaustive list of Daiwas finest technologies and innovations. The Daiwa Soll III Reel was created to be extremely light and compact while remaining incredibly strong and hard wearing and capable of handling Australia’s tough fishing conditions and aggressive predatory fish.

The sizes start at 2000 with everything in between to 6000. This is an inshore master, ideal for salt and fresh, from river to rock. The 2000 with be ideal for the rivers and lakes hunting the likes of Trout and Bass, and all finesse applications. The 2500 takes you everywhere offering a whopping 10kg max of drag, huge for such a diminutive reel. The 3000 to 4000 will offer plenty of scope around the inshore waters, general purpose reels for all your favourites from Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Jacks and the like to Murray Cod and Perch.

The 5000 and 6000 get you out on the beach and off the rocks, chasing Aussie Salmon, Huge rock side Bream, Tailor, Mackerel, Drummer and Mulloway. The  Max 12 kg of ATD and generous spool capacity will see the Daiwa Sol III Reel punching well above its considerably light weight. The ATD (Automatic tournament drag system) will be your greatest benefit here. This is Daiwas flagship drag system that is incredibly smooth on uptake the moment the fish runs, then reverting to your pre-set tension for the ensuing battle. The oversize drag dial makes setting and mid fight adjustments even easier.

Whatever you target. The new super lightweight Daiwa Sol 3 Reel offers something for everybody fishing the inshore waters. Those that want some sport will be able to hit the off and nearshore waters for light pelagic action and reef hunting for the likes of Snapper. The 6000 will be perfect for this. The Barra fans might like to strap on a 5000 to cast in the Daley or Vic for Australia’s most famous predator.

Grab a Daiwa Sol III Reel for your arsenal now, and never look back.

Features and Specifications

Size Model Gear Ratio Approx Weight MaxDrag Approx Mono line capacity Approx Braid line Capacity Reel Size Class
Daiw Sol III 2000D 5.2:1 170 grams 5kg 2.7kg/200m, 3.6kg/150m PE 0.6/400m, 0.8/300m Small Reel
Daiw Sol III 2500D 5.3:1 180 grams 10kg 3.6kg/220m, 5.4kg/150m PE 1/360m, 1.2/300m Small Reel
Daiw Sol III 3000D-C 5.3:1 190 grams 10kg 4.5kg/260m, 5.4kg/200m PE 1.2/430m, 1.5/300m Small-Med Reel
Daiw Sol III 4000D-C 5.2:1 225 grams 12kg 6.3kg/230m, 9.1kg/150m PE 2/300m, 2.5/260m Medium Size Reel
Daiw Sol III 5000D-CH 5.6:1 240 grams 12kg 6.3kg/260m, 11.4kg/150m PE2/350m, 2.5/300m Medium Size Reel
Daiw Sol III 6000D-H 5.6:1 310 grams 12kg 9.1kg/250m, 13.6kg/150m PE 2.5/420m, 3/300m Large Size Reel
  • Model: Daiwa Sol III Reel (Sol 3 Fishing Reel)
  • 2017 Release model (and still current)
  • 9+1 Ball bearing system
  • Daiwa technologies including, Real Four, Digigear, twistbuster II, and more
  • Body Construction: Zaion
  • Zaion Body
  • Air Rotor & Air bail system
  • Daiwa Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD System)
  • Handle Shape: EVA ball

Note: Multiple images for illustration only. Price is for one reel only, pick which size sol III reel you require when ordering.

Daiwa Soll Reel III Buyer’s Guide

Small Size Class Sol Reels

If you are predominantly fishing inshore grounds such as lakes and rivers for species such as Australian bass, trout, whiting, flathead, bream and other light class of fish then one of the sol reels in the small class should make a perfect match for you. Choose between sizes 2000, 2500 or 3000 size. For rod choice we suggest matching to a graphite rod around 6-7ft 6 inches in length and for the 2000 reel a rod with a line rating of around 1-5kg, for the 2500 size a line rating of around 2-6kg and for the 3000 a line rating of 4kgs+.

Medium Size Class Sol Reels

Whist the 3000 is a cross between small-medium size the true medium size class reels in the sol range are the 4000 and 5000. Either of these 2 reels will see you well positioned using a 6-7ft 6 inch rod inshore for the likes of targeting mulloway, barra or cod on a rod rated 5kgs+. This size class is well positioned to be used from the beach or rocks on most light 9-10ft rods. Lastly, you can also use the 4000-5000 size as a light offshore reel on the reefs again with a rod similar to that we recommended for heavy inshore for barra, cod etc.

Large Size Class Sol Reels

Last in the range is the 6000 size, this reel is the ideal choice for offshore boat fishing, from off the rocks or from off the beach.  For off the boat match to a 5ft – 7ft boat rod rated 6kgs+. For off the rocks or beach match to a 10-12ft rod rated 6kgs+.

Our guide is a basic guide only, you may be well versed in your fishing gear and styles and as such feel welcome to make your own choices in regards to matching and pairing gear to your personal preference.


  • Everything is lightweight yet the performance is anything but. It’s tight, compact super smooth and created for long, fatigue free casting session.
  • Digigear combines with 9 bearings to deliver a silky-smooth crank. A sure crank that allows for supreme confidence in the heat of battle.
  • Air Rotor, ABS II, Twistbuster II and Airbail combine with Tight, Silent Oscillation to deliver unrivalled casting and line lay.
  • ATD is the ultimate in drag. An intelligent system that provides the ultimate in smoothness from the moment of engagement.
  • Magseal is Daiwas famous reel protection technology that keeps the elements out of your critical components. Your Sol III Fishing Reel will enjoy a long working life operating at peak performance consistently.
  • The cranking handle and EVA ball knob are designed for serious cranking offering the angler great purchase and control.
  • The Zaion body is the “strongest body frame ever produced.’ This ensures your internals and moving parts stay synced and meshed transferring every bit of power to the business end of the battle.

Hit the top shelf of spin reels at a price point you might find refreshingly surprising. The Daiwa Sol III Reel for sale now offers a huge list of Daiwas best technology and innovations. It’s feature packed with a large model range that is sure to include a reel that’s perfect for you.




2000D, 2500D, 3000D-C, 4000D-C, 5000D-CH, 6000D-H

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