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Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel – Lethal 80 Lethal by name, Lethal by nature. The 80 size is big and tough. With an emphasis on robust, the Fin-Nor Lethal 80 is built for hunting. Tackle busting mega fish that never fail to argue with pure desperation to the very end. With big strong parts and generous line capacities the Lethal is purpose built for fish that are not particularly willing to turn around despite the pressure you apply.

The 80 is the second to largest of the series and presents a perfect reel for all surf anglers and rock hoppers. Boat anglers will also love the flexibility of playing the surface or bouncing the reefs. A rubber braid ring is fitted to the spool of the fishing reel making it ideal for braid. The Lethal spool is also great for mono. Its generous size ensures the mono traditionalist can be confident that enough line will be available for the long runners.

The size of the 80 allows you to target big species knowing you have the fire power to turn the heads of monsters, halting their first dash for life. The strength and robust build make it an essential for the rock hopper, where the elements attack your equipment with relentless fury. The tough build gives you confidence as you clamber over unforgiving rocks, endure the spray of a heavy, salty swell and assist in the battle invasive sand. You’ll have the choice of setting a live or dead bait or casting big poppers. For you, this particular spinning reel from Fin-Nor will be a complete joy to handle. For the fish you target, it will be nothing short of lethal.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Lethal SP 80 Fishing Reel
  • Type: Spinning Bearings: 6 + 1
  • Gear Ratio: 4.9:1
  • Line capacity (approx mono line): 20lb/330yd
  • Line capacity (approx braid line): 275 yards / 65lb
  • Polymer Rotor
  • Front Drag
  • Double shielded stainless bearings
  • Sealed, Multi-stack mega-drag
  • Slimline aluminium body and side plate
  • Braid ready spool (line not included)
  • Max Drag: 40lb

Note: Images for illustration purpose only as slight differences may occur.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Selection Guide

The 80 or 8000 size reel sits at the large size range. With a spinning reel of this size you will likely be prowling the ocean rocks, beaches or blue water from your boat. You will be hunting big, hard fighting fish like Yellowtail King Fish, big Mackerel and Mulloway. It is ideally suited to a fishing rod with lengths from 12ft if you’re hitting the beach and rocks.

In the boat, a rod rated to 10-24kg will see you with a balanced rig. Drop that to a max of 10-15kg for the rocks and beach.


  • The mega lock instant anti reverse means strikes become hook ups. Robust components protect against the carnage created by large, hard fighting fish.
  • The sealed, multi stack mega drag gives you the control in a fight and the confidence that your purchase will last and perform as if straight out of the box for years to come.
  • The 6 bearings and the brass pinion gear provide the angler with seamless and effortless operation cast after cast, fish after fish.
  • This is a big reel purpose built for tackling big fish.

It’s lethal for a reason. Robust strength and line capacity alone give you so much more than simply a fighting chance. A big reel like the Fin Nor lethal 80 reel opens the door to hard fighting King Fish and other lighting fast pelagic heavy weights. You will bounce the bottom for big Mulloway and Snapper. You will also be well prepared for the powerful GT that often makes a liar of any large spool. For big, hard fighting species there is often no substitute for size. You need the line capacity and you need the strength. The Fin-Nor Lethal SP 80 has this in droves. You will find it perfect for big fish. The big fish will find it lethal. Priced to sell, add an 80 sized fin-nor lethal to your basket.


Fin Nor

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