Fin-Nor are world recognised for producing amazing fishing reels packed full of features at amazing prices and one of their latest additions to the range is the Fin-Nor Mega Lite Fishing Reel. This is their most affordable range of spinning reels they have ever produced with quality features you would generally expect in upper-class reel models. Features such as a sealed multi-stack MegaDrag system, 5 bearings (4+1), Megalock infinite anti reverse system and an Aluminium spool complete with a braid band for being able to tie braid directly to your spool without backing.

Fin-Nor Mega Lite Reels sport a sleek style design in which pound for pound is super lightweight for its class. The power that these reels can exert is nothing short of impressive and with light weight nature of these spinning reels means that an angler is less likely to be fatigued when fighting powerful fish.

The size range for sale covers everything from heavy freshwater to medium to heavy saltwater styles of fishing. All you need to do is choose the size that best suits your application. We will go into further details on each of our models further below in our buyer’s guide.

Features and Specifications

  • Fin-Nor MegaLock infinite anti reverse clutch system
  • Handle can be switched to right or left-hand wind
  • Spool: Forged Aluminium construction with rubber braid band
  • Body: Corrosion resistant graphite construction. (aluminium side plate on 80/100 sizes)
  • Bearings 5 (4+1 System)
  • Sealed Drag System

Note: Images for illustration only. Slight variations may occur between models. (price is for 1 reel only and depends on which size you purchase. Choose which size you require when ordering)

Model Size Class Approx mono capacity Approx braid capacity Gear Ratio Max Drag Approx weight
Mega Lite 40 Medium Size reel 200yds / 12lb 240 yards / 30lb 5.2:1 18lb 346 grams
Mega Lite 60 Large Size Reel 300 yards / 14lb 250 yards / 50lb 4.9:1 23lb 559 grams
Mega Lite 80 Large Size Reel 330 yards / 20lb 310 yards / 65lb 4.9:1 28lb 658 grams
Mega Lite 100 Extra Large Size Reel 395 yards / 20lb 410yd / 65lb 4.9:1 30lb 680 grams

Buyer’s Guide

Below we will go into detail a bit about the Mega Lite Reel sizes we sell, what common fishing styles they will be ideal for, along with what fishing rods we recommend to combo the reel with.

Medium size class models for sale – (Med-Heavy inshore / Light offshore)

Fin-Nor Mega Lite 40 Reel – being a medium sized reel, this size will cover a broad range of fishing styles. In freshwater, the Fin-Nor Mega Lite 40 reel will be ideal for targeting the likes of barramundi or Murray cod and will generally suit a 6ft to 7ft rod with a fishing line rating of around 6-10kg or thereabouts.

In saltwater, the 40 size gives you the ability to fish many different styles from heavier inshore lake and river fishing for big flathead or mulloway through to light offshore for snapper and other reef fish. The 40-sized reel will also make a great light beach or rock style reel for chasing the likes of whiting, dart, drummer and a host of other common targets.  Our recommendations for rod choice would be to look for a graphite rod around the 5kg+ mark for heavier inshore lake and river fishing and for light offshore fishing (around 6-7ft 6inches is ideal 5kg+ rated). For beach and light rock fishing, a 9ft to 11ft rod would be ideal with a line rating anywhere in the vicinity of around 3-6kg

Large size class models for sale – (Rock / Beach / Boat)

Fin-Nor Mega Lite 60 Reel – is the starting point of the larger reel class. It holds a generous line capacity so its size is ideal for rock or surf fishing as well as for offshore boat fishing be It reef or sport styles.

For rock fishing, the Mega Lite 60 will generally suit a 9-10ft rod. For beach fishing, a 10-14ft rod would be ideal and lastly for offshore boat, a 6-7ft rod. We suggest looking for a rod with a line rating of 6kgs plus.

Fin-Nor Mega Lite 80 – is the larger brother of the 60 and like the 60 the 80 size will be ideal for beach, rock and offshore boat. For rock, we suggest pairing the 80 with a 10ft rod. For beach, we suggest a 10-15ft rod and for boat our suggestion remains at 6-7ft.  Line class can be stepped up. You can use an 80 size for any line class above 10kgs (20lb).

Extra Large size class models for sale – (Rock / Beach / Boat)

Fin-Nor Mega Lite 100 – suitable for extra heavy rock fishing on a 10ft-12ft rod (mostly with baits as lures can get a little hard to cast on such a large reel) great for heavy beach fishing for mulloway, salmon, tailor and shark on a 12-16ft rod or for extra heavy boat fishing with a 6-7ft rod. Line ratings on rods really depend on what you are targeting but this reel is quite capable of being able to fish 15-24kg so that said if you look for a rod rated 15kgs plus it should be a sweet match.

Benefits and Summary

  • Light class for its weight, you are less likely to experience angler fatigue.
  • With the rubber ring included around the aluminium spool and if you choose braided fishing line, you have the ability to tie the braid directly to the spool rather than having to use backing. With the ring, your braid wont slip meaning that you can fit extra line capacity on your spin reel as braid is a much thinner diameter than mono.
  • MegaLock is an infinite anti reverse system trademarked by Fin-Nor, a system that is designed to eliminate back play.

Fin-Nor Mega Lite reels are hands down the most affordable reel backed with quality features for the money in the Fin-Nor brand. Ideal for saltwater or freshwater fishing. Now, just pick the size you need and purchase. They are for sale here at impressive prices.


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