G. Loomis Asquith Global All-Water Fly Rod





Designed by world casting champion Steve Rajeff, the advanced G. Loomis® Asquith® Global All-Water Fly Rod offers exceptionally light swing weight without sacrificing on strength. You’ll find it ideal for any fly fishing situation, anywhere on the planet, that requires high line speed and drop-on-a-dime casting. This exquisite 4-piece, “globally crafted” rod has logged many miles even before it comes into your hands, having made the conceptual journey from the G. Loomis development center in Washington State to the Shimano® Spiral X production facility in Japan. There, the rich material is rolled up using proprietary technology into a multidirectional format with a unique reverse-axis fiber outer layer, which gives the rod blank amazing rigidity and near-instantaneous power transmission without increasing weight. Your Asquith All-Water Global Fly Rod then returns stateside to be meticulously hand-finished and fitted with the finest componentry, including titanium guides. And then, you cast…and marvel at its perfect flexion, consistent line speed, loop control, distance and shootability, and fighting strength. You will almost feel as though you’re fishing with a smaller-weight rod, and every aspect of your game will surely benefit from the experience. Includes a soft rod sock and travel case.

  • The world’s most advanced fly rod
  • Globally crafted
  • 4-piece Spiral X multilayer blank
  • Unique reverse-wrap outer layer
  • Amazing rigidity and sensitivity
  • Hand-finished with top componentry
  • Perfect flexion
  • Consistent line speed and loop control
  • Superior distance and shootability
  • Outstanding fighting strength
  • Has the feel of a smaller-weight rod
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