G. Loomis IMX Back-Bounce Casting Rod – Model 12224-01





The G. Loomis® IMX® Back-Bounce Casting Rod has technique specific features for bouncing baits slowly along the bottom, back toward fish holding water. When you put the bait right in the fish’s face it forces them to react—that’s why back-bouncing is so effective. Sensitivity is critical as many times fish simply hold the bait for a moment, crushing the eggs, and if you’re not on top of things they let go. IMX technology makes the Back-Bounce Casting Rod light, powerful, and sensitive. A premium-grade cork handle with composite rubber/cork accents balances the rod out nicely to enhance overall rod control for placing baits with precision.

  • Technique specific features
  • For bouncing baits slowly along the bottom
  • Sensitive for detecting light strikes
  • Powerful for controlling fights in currents
  • IMX technology
  • Cork handle
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