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The Penn Conflict II marks a very interesting development in the Penn Spin reel story. The Conflict series has enjoyed popularity for quite some time now but the latest advancement will encourage a whole new market as the new conflict takes on a completely new feel.

We are all very used to the robust, heavier feel of the Penn spin reel. The all metal bodies for which Penn is famous has been set aside for the Conflict II for which the body and rotor is made of a high strength graphite. This lightens the load significantly and provides a Penn spin option that is ideal for spinning up a storm in the estuaries and rivers, where fishing shallower and lighter, with braid and plastics is more the order of the day. This promotes Penn spin to a whole new market.

Even though there is a 20% saving in weight Penn has managed to maintain the Conflict strength and rigidity. There are few more additions including the slow oscillation for outstanding line lay, especially for lighter braids. Aluminium gears have also reduced weight and the price for that matter. Only the 5000 retains the classic Brass pinion gear. The feel is very smooth and lightweight, tight and precise. It’s calling is for inshore dominance, fishing braids from 10 to 20 pounds. The braid strap allows you to spool braid all the way, therefore if you so desire you do not require backing line.

Pricing is very accessible considering the features of the Penn Conflict II Reels. The new materials make this as robust as all the other Penn reels but with improved corrosion resistance, meaning this Penn will endure many sessions in Australia’s tough fishing environment. The Penn Conflict II for sale now ushers in a new era for Penn spin. Starting a 2500 size and stopping at a top size of 5000, the New Penn Conflict II Reels are going to prove very popular, so avoid the rush and get in a grab yours now.

Features and Specifications

Model Gear Ratio Max Drag Approx Mono line capacity Approx Braid Line Capacity Approx Weight Size Class
Penn Conflict II 2500 6.2:1 5.5kg 255yd/6lb
140 yd /10 lb
240 yd /10 lb
130 yd /8 lb
110 yd /10 lb
224 grams Small Reel
Penn Conflict II 3000 6.2:1 7kg 200 yd /8 lb
165 yd /10 lb
120 yd /12 lb
160 yd /6 lb
130 yd /8 lb
110 yd /10 lb
258 grams Small Reel
Penn Conflict II 4000 6.2:1 7kg 270 yd /8 lb
220 yd /10 lb
165 yd /12 lb
160 yd /6 lb
130 yd /8 lb
110 yd /10 lb
269 grams Medium Size Reel
Penn Conflict II 5000 5.6:1 11kg 225 yd /12 lb
200 yd /15 lb
135 yd /20 lb
160 yd /6 lb
130 yd /8 lb
110 yd /10 lb
408 grams Medium Size Reel
  • Model Series: Penn Conflict II Reels
  • 7 Bearings System
  • Gearing CNC cut gears
  • HT-100 drag washers – carbon fibre
  • Rubber ring on spool allowing braid direct to spool if desired (stops line slip)
  • Line capacity rings to see how much line is out.

Note: Price is for 1 conflict II Reel only. Choose which size you wish to purchase when ordering.

Fishing Applications and Penn Conflict II Reels Buyer Guide

Small Size Class Conflict II Reels

We have 2 options here at Fishing Tackle Shop in the conflict small class of reels being the 2500 and 3000 size. This size class of reel is ideal mostly for inshore fishing styles such as lake and river fishing, either freshwater or saltwater. The 2500 size makes an ideal choice for a light class fishing rod rated around 2-5kgs. The 3000 is similar just holds a little extra line Ideal for rods rated between around 2-6kg.

Medium Size Class Conflict II Reels

There are also 2 choices of reel in the medium class conflict being either the 4000 size or the 5000 size. These reels are ideal for heavier style inshore fishing such as general lake and river fishing, angling for barramundi or cod but they also make a great light offshore fishing reel to target snapper and other reef dwellers. These reels will suit a graphite boat or shore rod around 6-7ft6inch in length with a line rating of 5kgs+. They also will suit as a light surf/rock spin reel on a 8-10ft fishing rod.


  • All the strength and rigidity with 20% less weight than the previous model.
  • Braid strap allows for a full spool of braid if so desired without having to use backing.
  • New precision Aluminium gears for a lightweight super mesh and keeping things finesse.
  • Slow oscillation for precision line lay of lighter thinner braids improving overall performance in casting.
  • Brilliant corrosion resistance for a long working life under tough conditions.

The new Penn Conflict II Reels takes Penn spin to a new lightweight direction that will see it dominate the inshore grounds. At this price point it offers outstanding value for money and will impress even the most discerning of spin reel enthusiast.




2500, 3000, 4000, 5000

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