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The second-generation Penn Fierce Reels were first released in the United States back in September 2015. The first incarnation of the accessibly priced spin workhorse enjoyed a loyal following and, based on recent reviews, Fierce II is likely to surpass the popularity of its older sibling and made its debut to the Australian shore.

The reel was already known for its robustness and durability, the upgrade to a much heavier grade bail wire has further increased durability. The spool now has line indicators and a Superline spool band for the braid anglers. 4 bearings plus the Techno-Balanced rotor ensure a very smooth crank, while gears are kept perfectly meshed thanks to the rigid all metal body and side plate.

The Penn fierce II best feature is that it provides excellent performance and durability at entry level price. Even the fussiest of spin anglers will feel great confidence from cast to high load battle.

The new addition to the range are the LL, or, Live Line models. Penn have sought to support their live and flesh bait customers, and to compete directly with other brands of bait teaser technology. The dual drag system works seamlessly. With Live Liner engaged the reel can free spool, the fish will feel no resistance. Simply turn the handle and engage the present front drag.

The small models listed below will suit the inshore angler, fresh and salt, with the  Penn Fierce 2500 sitting nicely in the finesse fishing category. The Fierce 2500LL is ideal for the live bait angler casting live prawns and Yabbies at Bream, Flathead and Whiting. Where the Penn Fierce 3000 reel is an outstanding general purpose inshore style fishing reel for lighter work that will also fair well casting at closer beach gutters on light kit. All models listed will be ideal for kayak angers that target common species in the canals, rivers and estuaries.

Features and Specifications

Model Ratio Retrieve Per Crank Max Drag Approx Mono Capacity (yds, lb) Approx Braid Capacity (yds, lb) Weight approx
Fierce 2500 6.2:1 84cm 7lb | 3.1kg 255/6 175/8 140/10 240/10 220/15 160/20 275 grams
Fierce 2500LL Live Liner 6.2:1 84cm 7lb | 3.1kg 255/6 175/8 140/10 240/10 220/15 160/20 283 grams
Fierce 3000 6.2:1 89cm 10lb | 4.5kg 200/8 165/10 120/12 250/15 180/20 130/30 331 grams
  • Metal Body Fishing Reel and Metal Side Plate.
  • 5 Ball bearings (4+1 anti reverse beaing) Shielded stainless steel.
  • Front, oil felt drag system
  • Bail wire: Heavy duty aluminium
  • Superline Spool (rubber ring on spool to allow direct tying of braid to spool)
  • Line Capacity Rings
  • 2500LL model is a live liner, dual drag system for fishing live and flesh baits

Note: Images for illustration only differences from image can occur between size models. Price is for 1 reel only and varies depending on which model you choose to purchase.

Fishing Application and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Penn Fierce 2500 and Penn Fierce 3000 size fishing reels are ideally suited to inshore fishing so places like lakes and rivers are a safe bet. We suggest matching the 2500 size reel up to any rod graphite or fibreglass with a line rating of around 2-5kg, usually this will be in the vicinity of around 7ft in length. For the 3000 size we suggest matching to a 6-7ft rod with a line rating of 4kg+


  • The rigidity of the full aluminium body and side plate ensures that gears are kept perfectly in line and meshed, even under the heaviest of loads.
  • The new heavy duty bail wire is an excellent upgrade from the last series. Robust and durable for demanding fishing environments.
  • The Superline spool is ideal for either mono or braid. The line indicators assist with line management as does the newly added Superline spool band.
  • 4+1 bearings ensure reel operation is silky smooth. Their shielded, stainless construction augers well for a long working life under tough salt conditions.
  • The Fierce 2500LL Live Liner is the perfect solution for the flesh and live bait angler. Set the Live Liner rear drag setting to nigh on free spool and the fish won’t feel an ounce of pressure. With a touch of the crank, the front drag is engaged and the battle is on.

The Penn Fierce Spin Reels have always been popular. The upgrades for series two are set to make demand even higher. A brilliant, affordable spin reel in anybody’s language with a model/size range to cover most applications.




Fierce 2500 Spin, Fierce 2500 LL Live Line, Fierce 3000 Spin

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