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The famous Black and Gold reel colour of Penn have become ubiquitous across Australian waterways. There’s a very sound reason for this. Penn build fishing reels that are nothing short of perfect for the Australian environment. They’re tough, strong, durable and robust and can deal with just about anything the Australian angler and the harsh Aussie elements can dish out. Did we mention the kit busting Aussie fish? Yes, just about all our species love to punish fishing gear, especially reels, so investing in Penn quality is wise to say the least.

Here’s a Penn for the surf angler and rock hopper. The Penn Spinfisher Long Cast SSV7500LC is a fishing reel designed for those particular applications where casting long is critical. This innovative design focused on a reel that would allow the angler to really lay in hard to the cast, using full effort and force to gain maximum distance. Such forces, applied continuously, can have a major impact on the working longevity of a fishing reel. Penn have designed the Spinfisher Long Cast reel with this in mind and have beefed up componentry to ensure trouble free, hard core operation, for a long and reliable working life.

While perfect for the beach and rocks, those that cast heavy lures from their boats, chasing after hard fighting pelagic species, will find the Spinfisher Long Cast an awesome weapon. It’s worth remembering, casting well away from your boat can be critical when targeting fish such as Tuna and Mackerel that are known to be spooked when seeing the hull. The Spinfisher Long Cast spinning reel is an awesome piece of fishing kit and, considering the inclusions, more affordable than you realise.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Penn Spinfisher Long Cast – SSV7500LC
  • Type: Spin (Long Casting Fishing Reel)
  • Monofilament fishing Line Capacity: 480 yards/12lb 370yards/15lb 300yards/20lb
  • Braid Line Capacity yd/lb 500 yards /30lb, 300 yards/40lb or 350 yards/50lb
  • 4.7:1 Gear Ratio
  • Bearings: 6
  • Weight: 772g
  • Drag: 10kg
  • Water tight enhanced design and construction
  • Rings etched into spool to show line capacity – how far the line is down
  • Rubber ring on spool when using braid
  • Infinite anti reverse
  • Body is full metal construction
  • HT100 Drag System
  • Thicker bail wire – Manual bail
  • Slow oscillation


  • New thicker and heavier duty aluminium bail wire adds additional strength and durability.
  • Penn have also incorporated a feature known as friction trip ramp, which basically solves issues where a bail wire may trip during a cast.
  • Allows casts of prodigious lengths, significantly increasing the area that can be worked from one vantage point.
  • The slow oscillation provides excellent even line spooling, with reduced capacity for wind knots. Again, an excellent feature for a reel designed for casting long.
  • The Spinfisher long cast Reel is water tight, and will even handle brief dunking, that often happens on the beach and rocks. Hose down cleaning.
  • The 7500 size makes it perfect for handling big fish but is not too big so as to preclude the joy of landing fish such as Bream and Whiting from the beach.

The Penn Spinfisher Long Cast – SSV7500LC, is a must have for the angler that requires and demands significant distance when casting. Replete with all the usual, cutting edge Penn innovation, the Long Cast refines purpose and focuses application. Take one look at the tall spool, and you’ll know, the Penn Spinfisher Long Cast – SSV7500LC will see you casting longer than you have ever cast before, consistently and for the duration of the reels working life, whatever your application. The Penn Spinfisher Long Cast – SSV7500LC is for sale here. Get yours now.



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