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Fifty years ago Penn introduced the toughest spinning reel the world has ever known. That is until now…. With the release of the fifth generation of the Penn Spinfisher®, the New Spinfisher V – the tough has got even tougher!

The totally revamped Penn Spinfisher V series fishing reels include several major upgrades, making this reel the toughest most advanced spinning reel you can add to your arsenal.

The New Penn Spinfisher V – SSV 10500 is the biggest in the Spinfisher V series, A XOS sized reel designed to be used for heavy offshore or onshore work. Don’t think of the Spinfisher V – SSV 10500 just as a big reel! The Penn SSV 10500 is a beast!

The Spinfisher V – 10500 can put some serious hurt on big fish! Capable of holding 415 yds of 30lb mono or 750 yds of 50lb braid with this ample line capacity and ability to put out an astonishing 40lb of drag pressure there isn’t anything the Spinfisher V – 10500 cant stop. Seriously this is a seriously tough reel.

The Spinfisher V – SSV 10500 matches well to any rod rated from 15kg up to 40kg in line class and ranging from 1.5m to 4m in length. The Spinfisher V – SSV 10500 can be used to target a wide range of species including mulloway, snapper, groper and kings around the beaches, rocks or breakwalls as well as big tuna, kingfish and even marlin as well as other pelagics offshore and don’t forget those the northern coral species like emperor and trout, and big trevallies the Penn SSV 10500 can do it all.


Model Mono Cap (yds/lb) Braid Cap (yds/lb) Bearings Max Drag – kg (lb) Gear Ratio Line Retrieve Weight
SSV 10500 30/415, 40/350, 50/255 50/750, 65/670, 80/580 5 + 1 40lb (20kg) 4.2 : 1 106cm 1128g


  • New thicker heavy duty aluminium bail wire adds strength and durability
  • Complete Water Tight Design
  • Superline Spool and Line Capacity Rings
  • Slammer Drag Featuring HT 100 Drag Washers
  • 5 Shielded stainless steel bearing system
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Friction trip ramp prevents premature bail trip when casting
  • Stainless steel main shaft and alloy main gear
  • Triple-supported and oversized stainless steel mainshaft on 9500 and 10500 models

Note: Images are just for illustration purposes only – The picture supplied is of one particular size model, there may be slight variances between product and that shown in image


Complete Water Tight Design – A total of 6 rubber seals (9 seals on the live liner models) create a virtually impenetrable water tight design. Whether you cop a wave in the surf, or the reel gets drowned in the spray on the boat ride home, you don’t have to worry? Saltwater wont penetrate the seals and won’t be getting into the gearbox or drag system.

Slammer® Drag System – A fully sealed drag system with 3 HT-100 drag washers (1 on the top of the spool, 2 underneath the spool). All HT-100 washers are come greased for extra smoothness and even longer life. With a large even extreme drag range, nearly endless adjustment, and a large easy to grip drag knob you can easily crank down to max drag and stop that big fish.

Full Metal Body – As like the original Penn Spinfisher Reels, the Spinfisher V is housed in a rugged full metal body and sideplate this helps maintain exact gear alignment even under extreme loads. Also all th metal parts on the Spinfisher V recieve an extremely durable heavy duty anodisation providing long life.

Super Line Spool™ – Now there is no need to back up your reel with mono when using braided line. The Spinfisher V Features a rubber gasket that prevents braided lines from slipping!

Line Capacity Rings – Now you’ll know how much line you’ve got left when your hooked on to that big fish. The Spinfisher V features three lines on the spool flange to that lets you know when you have 1/3rd, 2/3rds and a full spool line. It also provides a good guide if you’re going to top shot some braid on to your spool.

Check out the video for a complete look at the New Spinfisher V Series Reel!

The New Penn Spinfisher V – SSV 10500 Let the Battle Begin!



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