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The medium size models in the Quantum Cabo Spinning Reel Series allows you to target some pretty hefty customers without feeling like targeting smaller species is overkill. This means you can hit the inshore grounds, targeting Bream, Flathead, Whiting, and the like while being able to rig up for the likes of Mulloway.

You can hedge you bets with the 40 or 50 size and, depending on rigging, be well placed to target a host of species from the estuaries, boat, rocks, rivers and surf. Snapper, Mulloway, mackerel, Australian salmon, kingfish, Barramundi, Queenfish and trevally are all options here, as well as the estuarine classics mentioned before. Bump it up to the 60 and you add Tuna, Trevally, Queenfish, Emperor, Coral Trout and other large reef species. The 60 makes a great rock fishing option as well as brilliant boat reel. It’s also the size that can be the staple for all beach outings where rods 12 ft and bigger are being deployed.

The Quantum Cabo Spinning Reel is feature packed, with a strong emphasis on durability and a long working life. It is this feature that tends to bump more popular brands off their high horse. SaltGuard 2.0 multi-layer corrosion coating provides even further protection to the already corrosion resistant Alloy body and side plate. All bearings are stainless and sealed and the Magnum CSC  carbon fibre, stainless and ceramic drag system is sealed also.

Drag capabilities are also a huge feature with the 40 alone packing a massive 30lb of max drag. More than enough to tackle any inshore beast. The spool is braid ready (braid not included), but is equally good for mono. Spool capacities are generous.

Whatever model  Quantum Cabo Spinning Reel you choose to purchase, you can expect outstanding performance, with consistent, peak operation during its very long life. Grab yours now!

Features and Specifications

Model Ratio Bearings Approx Mono Capacity (m/lb) Approx Braid Capacity (lb/yds) Max Drag Approx Weight
Cabo SP40SZ 5.3:1 7 + 1 230/10 30/270 30lb 374 grams
Cabo SP50SZ 5.3:1 7 + 1 225/12 30/325 35lb 385 grams
Cabo SP60SZ 4.9:1 7 + 1 300/14 50/320 45lb 680 grams
  • 8 stainless steel bearing systen (7 + 1)
  • SRC Aluminium Body
  • SRC Aluminum side place
  • Sealed Magnum  clutch
  • SaltGuard 2.0 Corrosion protection by Quantum
  • Stainless and ceramic drag system  – Sealed Magnum CSC carbon fibre
  • Titanium bail
  • Ultra-hard PT gear system

Note: image for illustration only – variances can occur between models. Price is for 1 reel only and varies depending on model chosen.


  • The Quantum Cabo Spinning reels have outstanding durability thanks to the SaltGuard 2.0 multi-layer corrosion protection, Sealed Magnum CSC drag, Sealed Magnum clutch and the TiMag titanium bail with magnetic trip
  • The aluminium body and side cover contribute to the low weight while adding rigidity and protection to the gears.
  • With 8 stainless bearings, the crank is silky smooth at every turn, and will withstand the harsh salty environment.
  • The Ultra hard PT gears have the strength to handle the tough battles, with a perfect, seamless mesh.
  • TiMag  titanium bail wire will return to its original shape when bumped or bent. The nickel-titanium bail and magnetic bail trip mechanism that is guaranteed for life.

The Quantum Cabo Medium Size Spin Reels are a perfect selection for the heavy inshore work and light to medium offshore work. This is a feature packed spin reel with significant focus on durability and a long working life under tough Aussie salt water conditions.




SP 40sz, SP 50sz, SP 60Sz

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