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The medium size Quantum Iron Spin Reels are designed specifically for the braid angler to take on the heavier more aggressive species, inshore, near shore and off. The 40-size is perfect for chasing a larger grade of Flathead on big lures. It’s great for hitting reef based Snapper, a boon for Barramundi, and will provide excellent sport hitting the beach for Tailor, Aussie Salmon, whiting and dart on a light fishing rod setup.

Up the Anti by grabbing the 50-size, and now you have a genuine light-med rock, beach and boat allrounder. Hit the rocks and tackle Mackerel, Bonito, Drummer, massive Bream, Tailor and Aussie Salmon. It’s the perfect reel for all your beach needs, targeting Bream and Whiting and Dart while having the capacity to tackle much larger size Mulloway, Tailor and Aussie Salmon.

The Boat anglers will be well placed to bounce the bottom for Snapper and other tasty reef species, while having the power to engage with Queenfish, Trevally and other hard hitting pelagic species. The 50 is also a great reel for casting big lures for Barra in the Aussie top end.

Corrosion resistance is a feature of the Quantum Iron. SaltGuard 2.0 corrosion protection coats and already resistant alloy body and side plate. The spring mechanism in the bail trip is replaced with a magnetic system. No more frustrating spring failures.

The sealed CSC ceramic, stainless steel and carbon fibre drag system combines longevity with incredible strength. It is also amazingly smooth, with a level of predictability that inspires confidence in testing battles.

The super lightweight MaxCast II spool has generous line capacities and outstanding casting manners. The spool includes a spool band for braid lines.

Inshore, near shore and in the blue stuff, the Quantum Iron Spin 40 or 50 Size Reels provide precision and power in a reel that will stand the test of time in the demanding Aussie fishing environment.

Features and Specifications

Model Ratio Approx Mono Line Capacity Approx Braid Line Capacity Bearings Drag
40 PTS 5.2:1 10lb/230yd 200 yds / 30lb 5 + 1 20lb
50 PTS 5.2:1 12lb/225yd 240 yds / 30lb 5 + 1 25lb
  • 5 + 1 PT Bearings
  • SCR Aluminium Body
  • Sealed CSC Drag system
  • SCR Aluminium Body and Side Plate
  • MaxCast II spool
  • TiMag titanium bail wire with magnetic bail trip
  • Braid Ready Spool
  • SaltGuard2.0 corrosion protection

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Quantum Iron 40 or 50 size fishing reels are medium size models that suit heavier inshore applications such as barra or cod fishing and as such they will suit the average 6-7ft barra rod rated up to around 10kg.  These reels will also make good on a graphite snapper rod rated around 4-10kg or will match up on a 9-11ft shore spin light beach/rock fishing rod rated around 3-6kg. If you require further assistance in matching rods and reels just reach out to us.


  • 5 plus 1 bearings provides velvet smooth cranking while retrieving lures or under battle conditions.
  • The sealed CSC ceramic, stainless steel and carbon fibre drag system is smooth and reliable, with very generous power for size. Necessary, for chasing larger, more aggressive Aussie species.
  • The Max Cast II Spool is designed specifically for the braid user with a spool band. It is lightweight, with ample line capacity.
  • The SCR Aluminium Body and Side Plate is given further protection with the patented SaltGuard2.0 corrosion coating.
  • The TiMag titanium bail wire will not bend or go out of shape.
  • The bail trip mechanism is a brilliant magnet system. It replaces the rust prone spring mechanism that fails on so many spin reels across the board.

Quantum Iron Spin 40 or 50 size fishing Reels in the medium size range will allow you to tackle larger inshore species and provide light action in the offshore arena. These are a classy addition to the Quantum spin range and will more than satisfy the most discerning of spin reel enthusiasts who fish the beach, rocks and from their favourite vessel.




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