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The Rovex Endurance Fishing Reel range is a step up from entry level offering mid-range performance and capability at what is still a very affordable price point. The beauty of the Rovex Endurance Fishing Reel is the number of models available. Starting at the small 3000, the range tops out at the 8000. From the ocean rocks and beach to inland rivers, there is an affordable Endurance for you whether you cast soft plastics from the shoreline or Trawl Hardbodies from your favourite boat.

The 3000 will be ideal for tackling everything from Bass and Trout in the fresh to all your salty river and estuary favourites such as Bream, Flathead and Whiting. The 4, 5 and 6000 gives you access to a bigger class of fish, as well as beach and rock wall applications for the likes of Tailor, Big rock dwelling Bream, Bonito and Salmon etc. The 7000 and 8000 will see you well placed to tackle much larger fish from the boat offshore or from rocks and Beaches. Live bait for big Mulloway or Kingfish or cast metal slices at Mackerel. Get in your boat and bounce the reef for Snapper or troll for pelagic species for hard core sports action.

The Rovex principal is simple. You can get out on the water and catch an awesome range of species using an array of methods, without damaging the bank balance. The price point is low but the quality is certainly high. More fun, more fish and more excitement for a whole lot less, with Rovex Endurance Reels for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • 3+1 Ball bearing system
  • Infinite anti reverse system
  • Body and Rotor Construction: Graphite
  • Spool Construction: Aluminium
  • Main Shaft construction: Stainless steel
  • Thicker bail wire
  • Pinion gear construction: Brass
  • Easy to fold handle

Note: Price is for 1 reel only choose which size you require when ordering – multiple images are for illustration only, slight differences may occur between size models.

Model Mono Line Capacity Gear Ratio Size Class
2000 Spin 10lb/225yd 5.2:1 Small
3000BF Baitfeeder 10lb/210yd 5.2:1 Small
4000 Spin 15lb/240yd 5.2:1 Medium
6000 Spin 20lb/285yd 4.1:1 Large
5000BF Baitfeeder 15lb/240yd 5.5:1 Medium
8000 Spin 25lb/320ydd 4.1:1 Large

Rovex Endurance Reel Buyers Guide

Small Size Class Rovex Endurance Reels

Starting off with our smaller size class of reels is the 2000-3000 model sizes. This size range is ideal for those that fish light (up to 10lb) making it the perfect choice for lake and river fishing. You could also use this size reel for ultra light offshore fishing styles too should you wish.  We suggest a rod around 7ft in length with a line rating up to 5kg.

Medium Size Class Rovex Endurance Reels

The 4000 and 5000 size fit perfectly in the physical medium size range. This size makes an ideal solution to heavy inshore lake and river fishing (fishing for mulloway, barra, and other larger inshore species) as well as ideal for lighter offshore fishing. We recommend a rod up to about 7ft in length as the ideal option rated to a maximum of 10kgs.

Both 4000 or 5000 sizes also make a perfect choice for light rock or surf fishing too. If you go down this path our suggestion is to look for an 8-10ft+ size rod.

Large Size Class Rovex Endurance Fishing Reels

6000 or 8000 size are at the larger end physical size scale and as such are better suited to beach and rock fishing where extra line capacity is required or there is a need to have the ability to fish with a heavier class of line. When beach or rock fishing with a 6000 or 8000 size reel our suggestion is to pair it up to at least a 10ft fishing rod rated up to approximately 12kgs.

The Baitfeeder difference

You will note we sell a couple of the Rovex Endurance reels in Baitfeeder models. The difference between these and your regular spin reels is with the baitfeeder models there is a button at the back of the reel which when utilized disengages the drag temporarily so that if a fish strikes it allows the fish to run with the bait first. When you are ready, and your confidence is such that you believe the run will translate to a full hook-up you can then turn the handle to re-engage the drag. The baitfeeder function is especially popular among those that fish for bream, snapper and mulloway.


  • The Graphite body and rotor is strong and rigid yet keeps things super light for hours of fatigue free casting.
  • A Brass pinion gear offers heavy duty performance, longevity and protection from reel destroying salt.
  • A heavy-duty bail wire is ideal for those anglers that tend to be hard on their equipment, especially the rock hoppers.
  • The infinite ant-reverse provides a confidence building feel. You can strike with the knowledge you can look forward to a precision hook-up.
  • An easy fold handle is not only durable but great for cranking and convenient for a fast set up and pack up and easier storage.

There’s a Rovex Endurance Reel for just about everyone. Not only will you get solid, reliable performance, you’ll get endurance and predictability in a fishing reel at a price that will see you want to deck out the whole family.



Model Size

Spin 2000, Baitfeeder 3000BF, Spin 4000, Baitfeeder 5000BF, Spin 6000, Spin 8000

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