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For most anglers, the 4000-size fishing reel is the epitome of the all-rounder. The 4000 can cover a whole host of applications, without it being overkill and without being under powered. The Rovex Revenge 4000 Fishing Reel is an ideal choice for the novice or intermediate angler that is looking for reel features a step above entry level but at a price that is still very accessible.

The Rovex Revenge 4000 reel provides access to a bigger class of fish. Now you are confidently covering bigger inshore species such as Mulloway.  You are also throwing big lures for massive 60cm plus flathead, or speculating with live baits. You are well covered for light surf fishing, for the like of Tailor and Aussie Salmon and the boat anglers can head of sure for some sports action on big Reds, Queenfish, smaller Mackerel and Trevally.  This is a great size for casting lures at top end Barra, and the fresh guys will find it ideal for hunting impoundment Barra, and for chasing the elusive mega Murray Cod.

The Revenge is feature packed, including 5 ball bearings, Machined aluminium long cast spool, as well as a durable stainless shaft, and machined alloy handle for hard cranking. The feel is smooth, with the five bearings working seamlessly with the gears. Spool size is generous, allowing plenty of mono and even more braid.

The Rovex Revenge 4000 Spin Reel is built to last. Exacting standards ensure your investment will see you through many years and countless battles. At a price like this, the Rovex Revenge 4000 is very difficult to pass up. Put one in your shopping trolley now. We have no doubt it will become your go-to all-rounder fishing reel, whether you are afloat on your favourite vessel or land based.

Features and Specifications

Model Type Approx Mono Line Capacity Ball Bearings Gear Ratio
Revenge 4000 Spin 12lb/185yd 5 + 1 5.2:1

Fishing Application and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Rovex Revenge 4000 Fishing Reel is suited to heavy inshore fishing such as targeting mulloway in lakes or barra in rivers but it also makes a handy size for light rock or surf fishing as well as a great size reel for light offshore reef fishing.  We suggest that you look into a 6-7ft fishing rod with a rating of 6kg+ for heavier inshore work in lakes and rivers or for light offshore.  If fishing off the rocks look for an 8-10ft rod with a line rating of around 6-8kg  or a 10ft – 11ft surf rod with a light line rating of around 4-6kg.


  • The perfect all-rounder for the novice and intermediate salt angler to get a taste of genuine performance.
  • The long cast spool provides the 4000 with its excellent flexibility. Getting to the beach gutter a little further from the water’s edge has never been easier.
  • The Rovex Revenge fishing reel is about keeping things light. The graphite body and rotor allow for effortless fishing for hours on end, while sacrificing nothing in rigidity and strength
  • 5 ball bearings give budget conscious anglers a taste of the smooth cranking usually reserved for a higher price bracket. This is where feel matches performance.
  • Retrieving from long distances is often a significant cause of line twist. The line roller will mitigate against line twist, ensuring peak casting performance all day long.
  • The stainless shaft and heavy gauge tubular wire bail, demonstrate the Revenge is built to tackle the harshest of the elements .

The 4000 Rovex Revenge Reel is the perfect fishing reel for the salt water angler looking to hedge their bets on access to a broader range of a bigger class of salt water fish, from a range of locations. This is the classic all-round utility with great features and performance at a very accessible price. Get yours now!



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