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Purchasing a Rovex Revenge Spin Reel is a guarantee of excellent build and components, durability, performance and overall quality. The Rovex Revenge is targeted at the beginner to intermediate angler looking for a little more class, features and performance than is usually present in an entry level fishing reel. While the Rovex Revenge costs a little more than your average entry level reel, it remains very accessible, and you get plenty more bang for your buck.

The sizes listed below see the inshore fishing grounds pretty well covered, both saltwater and fresh water. These  fishing reels are for the rivers, lakes and estuaries, where you will be targeting Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Trout, Bass, Yellow Belly, Perch and Sooties in the North. With the 3000, you will even have access to sports action Barra and Jacks and even smaller Mulloway. While the 2000 equips the finesse lure angler for the light work, the 3000 is a fine general purpose, inshore workhorse, with the potential to be deployed for really light surf or luderick work.

Features include 5 ball bearings, a stainless shaft, forged alloy long cast spool and a durable, thick tubular bail wire. The machined alloy handle is designed for hard cranking, while the soft, oversized grip enhances ergonomics. The spool is suitable for braid and mono, and all anglers will love the casting manners afforded by the alloy, long cast spool.

The Rovex Revenge Reels might cost you a touch more than your average entry level spin reel, but make no mistake, the Revenge is a lot more reel than average. Check the specs, and get your Revenge now.

Features and Specifications

Model Type Approx Mono Line Capacity Bearings Gear Ratio
Rovex Revenge 2000 Spin 6lb/196yd 5 + 1 5.5:1
Rovex Revenge 3000 Spin 10lb/185yd 5 + 1 5.2:1
  • 5+1 ball bearings
  • Machined aluminium long cast spool
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Thick tubular bail wire
  • Line roller
  • Graphite body and rotor
  • Machined alloy handle
  • Large soft-touch grip

Note: images for illustration only slight differences may occur. Price is for 1 reel, choose the size you require when ordering.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Suitable for light fishing in rivers, lakes and harbours.  We recommend the following size rods to suit the revenge reels. For the 2000 size we suggest a 6-7 ft rod with a line rating of around 2-5kg and for the 3000 size we recommend a 7ft rod with a line rating of 4kg plus. This is a basic guide to help those that don’t have a lot of knowledge in fishing gear so by all means feel welcome to make your own match outside of our suggestions.


  • A perfect fishing reel for the novice and intermediate angler to get an affordable taste of performance fishing gear.
  • The long cast spool is perfect for extracting that extra bit of distance on every cast. Crucial when fishing light weight lures.
  • The Graphite rotor and body keeps things nice and light yet very strong.
  • With 5 ball bearings and one roller beaing, the crank is as smooth as silk. You get the feel of a reel that would sit in a much higher price bracket.
  • The line roller is a great addition for line management. Line twist is reduced significantly making it ideal for the repetition of casting fishing lures all day.
  • The stainless shaft is super strong but also ensures that corrosion won’t reduce the working life of your investment.

The small sizes Rovex Revenge Reels have you covered for all your inshore applications. This is quality and performance that won’t cost the earth. Finesse anglers are used to paying significantly more, not any longer, with the Rovex Revenge spin reels, for sale now.




2000, 3000

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