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Getting into fishing with the best brands in the business needn’t cost an arm and a leg. Shimano, a household angling name and a giant of the industry, delivers quality that is unsurpassed in every price point.

The Shimano Catana FD Spin Reel is the epitome of spin reel quality for the tightest of budgets. Built for the budget conscious, the novice, the family angler and the weekend dangler, the Shimano Shimano Catana Reel will feel good, even in the hands of the more experienced angler, having discerning demands in their fishing reels.

Sized from 1000 through to 4000, the inshore waters are covered, both salt and fresh. You will be targeting all your Aussie favourites including Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Bass, Yellow Belly and a bunch more. Strap on the 4000 and toss a metal slice at the like of Tailor, Aussie Salmon or Bonito for the adrenalin feel of true sports fish.

Ideal for casting flesh baits and lures, the Shimano Catana FD Spin Reel for sale now is an inspirational introduction to Shimano performance. Spool with braid, or cut your fishing teeth in the mono tradition. The reel is perfectly suited to casting from the land or fishing from your boat.

The Shimano Catana FD Spin Reel for sale now is a quality inshore allrounder, suitable for all fishing skill levels. Grab one or a couple for yourself, or deck out the family, with each member enjoying an FD of their own. Shimano Catana FD Spin Reel. Affordable brilliance, and performance you can trust.

Features and Specifications

Model Size Class Ideal for Gear Ratio Max Drag Approx. Line Capacity Mono Approx. Line Capacity Braid App Weight
CATANA FD 1000 Small Lake/River 5.0:1 3kg 2lb/270yds
4 lb /140 yds
6 lb /110 yds
10lb/95yds 215g
CATANA FD 2500 HG Small Lake/River 6.2:1 4kg 6 lb /200 yds
8 lb /140 yds
10 lb /120 yds
10lb/150yds 260g
CATANA FD C3000 HG Small-Med Lake/River 6.2:1 8.5kg 6 lb /230 yds
8 lb /170 yds
10 lb /140 yds
10lb/200yds 260g
CATANA FD 4000 HG Medium Lake/River or light offshore 5.8:1 8.5kg 8 lb /240 yds
10 lb /200 yds
12 lb /160 yds
15lb/280yds 335g
  • SUS Bearings 2+1
  • AR-C Spool design
  • Zinc DC gears
  • Classy shimano styling cosmetics
  • Moderate casting ability
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing

Shimano Catana Reel Buyers Guide

Smaller Sizes (1000-2500) – The 1000 provides an affordable introduction to finesse fishing, as is the 2500 just with extra capacity. Both sizes are ideal for light line classes fishing in lakes and rivers for trout, bass, bream, flathead, whiting and all your other light class fish. The 1000 works best on graphite rods around 6-7ft in length with line class rod ratings of around 1-4kg. The 2500 will suit rods rated around 2-5kg.

Small med Size (3000) is a larger capacity version of the 2500. Suitable for targeting larger flathead and estuary species matched to a 7ft rod anywhere between 2-6kg in line class.

Medium Size – (4000) is ideal for inshore lakes and rivers for those that need extra line capacity or target species such as barra, fingermark or river jew. Catana 4000 reel also gets you on the rocks hunting Bream and Drummer or on the beach hunting Whiting, Aussie Salmon or Tailor from the close, beachside gutters. A 4000 model will also give you access to light offshore fishing. Try the reef for some Snapper. Given the right conditions, the AR-C spool will get promote plenty of casting distance when cast with a balanced weight. As the 4000 is a little more general if fishing heavier in lakes and rivers or fishing light offshore, go with a graphite fishing rod around 7ft in length with a rating 4-10kg or thereabouts. There are a few barra and snapper rods in this spec. If you’re fishing light off the surf a 9ft-10ft 6 inch shimano shore spin or Coastline rod is ideal.


  • The Shimano Catana Reel FD model allows you to get fishing with Shimano quality without having to save up your cash
  • The AR-C spool delivers excellent casting manners. The lip design ensures distance is increased, and accuracy is enhanced. Enjoy far fewer wind knots when fishing with braid.
  • The sealed ball bearings deliver a smooth crank providing support to the gears while under load.
  • Ideal for flesh baits, lures, braid and mono.
  • Generous spool capacities and plenty of drag allows you time to play a fish bigger than you were expecting or targeting.

The Shimano Catana Reel FD model, while at the front door of entry level doesn’t dismiss quality. Shimano stake their considerable reputation on delivering on promises. The Shimano Catana Reel promises value for money performance. This is what you will get. You can bank on it.




1000, 2500, 3000, 4000

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