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The new Shimano Nasci takes the technological features of its cousins, the Symetre, Aernos and Technium, and combines it all into one feature packed bargain. Sitting in the upper end of the entry level bracket, the Nasci sports features that more expensive models would be very proud to boast. The 4000 and the 5000 sizes are the genuine all-rounders. They provide anglers with incredible access to a huge range of species. The boat, the beach, lighter rock work as well as chasing river monsters like big Barra are all spots you will see the Nasci 4000 and 5000 deployed.

Features such as Hagane gearing, X-ship and protective benefits of Coreprotect are rare inclusions on a reel at this price. The compact 5000C also has a very fast ratio, seeing you well placed for some serious jigging, and casting metal surface slices at pelagic species. The beauty of these reels is that using them against Bream and Whiting around the estuaries is far from overkill. They are light, sensitive and will cast surprisingly light plastics very effectively when balanced with the perfect rod.

For the traditionalist, the AR-C spool will handle plenty of mono should you wish to fish live or flesh baits. Spool up either reel with braid however, and you can tackle some serious weight and aggression on all sorts of lures. Whatever your choice of line, you can be assured that the casting manners of the Nasci, thanks to the AR-C spool, are absolutely brilliant. Use the 4000 to cast slices for Salmon from the beach. Try the 5000 from the rocks. You will have more than enough power to drop baits for snapper, and actually land them.

Your choice will come down to speed and spool. Both reels offer a whopping 11kg of drag and have plenty of grunt. If you want to hit the sports action and jig the blue water near shore, the 5000 will give you this opportunity. To keep it light, yet still dominate much of the inshore grounds from Aussie Salmon from the beach, to Barra in the North, try the 4000. Wait a second, just make sure you’re completely covered and put both in your basket. It really won’t hurt your wallet at all.

Features and Specifications

Model Size GearRatio Approx Mono Line capacity (lbs / yards) Approx Braid Line Capacity (lbs/yards) Weight (g)
4000 4.7:1 8/240, 10/200, 12/160 15/230, 20/205, 50/120 315
5000C 6.2:1 10/240, 12/195, 14/165 20/220, 30/200, 40/160 315
  • Hagane Gear – Durable gearing system
  • Coreprotect – Protection against harsh elements
  • G Free Body
  • AR-C Spool – For better casting performance
  • Varispeed II
  • X-Ship
  • 11kg Max Drag

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

The Shimano Nasci 4000 or 5000 sized reel make such a great versatile sized spinning reel. You can do so much with this size. From light surf fishing for whiting and dart to light spinning off the rocks for salmon or tailor, to heavier inshore fishing for barra or cod, or to target pan size snapper off the reefs offshore from a boat. This size reel is a perfect all-rounder to cover many fishing styles.

The rod you choose however will depend on what application you wish to fish. The 4000 or 5000 size reel with generally match up with 9ft shore spin rods, short barra spin rods, graphite style snapper rods and light graphite surf rods rated to around the 5kg mark. For more helpful ideas See our handy rod selection guide here


  • 11 kg of max drag plus the generous braid capacities should you fish with braid puts you in the driver’s seat to take on some pretty aggressive, hard fighting species like Mackerel, big Greenbacks, Monster Barra, Reds and Surfside Mulloway.
  • The feature list reads like that of a top shelf high performance model. All this for the upper end of entry level pricing
  • Hagane, X-ship and Coreprotect with the AR-C Spool, provides precision and fighting persuasion with outstanding durability
  • Both the 4000 or 5000 will see you very comfortably fishing the surf, lighter rock applications, near shore targets like big Snapper and Queenfish as well Mulloway, and big drummer from the ocean rocks
  • The AR-C Spool will give you awesome casting power from the places that really need it such as the rocks and the surf.

Dollar for dollar it doesn’t get any better than this. The Shimano Nasci Reels 4000 or 5000 are perfectly priced and are brilliant options for the novice and intermediate angler that demands serious quality, without having to destroy the wallet.




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