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Shimano spin reels offer something extra special at every size and price point. For the angler on a tight budget, looking to get the whole family casting at a mixed bag, the Shimano Nexave reel for sale now, is that little bit extra special.

Entry level spinning reels at this rock bottom price point can be a tricky affair. There are some pretty dodgy fishing reels out there. Don’t take the chance. When you choose a Shimano Nexave reel, quality is a guarantee.

The Shimano Nexave Reels for sale now are ideal for the novice, the weekend dangler and the experienced fisho looking for some serious value without compromising quality. Check out the features below and select one (or a couple) of Nexave Reel models to cover all of your fishing applications.

Features and Specifications

Model Size Class Ideal For Gear Ratio App. Mono Line Capacity Approx Braid Line Capacity Line Capacity (MM/M) Max Drag Approx Weight
NEXAVE FE 1000 Small Size Lake/River 5.0:1 2lb/270yds
10lb/95yds 0.25-90 3kg 215g
NEXAVE FE 2500 HG Small Size Lake/River 6.2:1 6lb/200yds
0.20-240 4kg 255g
NEXC3000HGF Small-med Size Lake/River 6.2:1 6lb/230yds
10lb /200yds
20 lb /140yds
0.30-130 8.5kg 260g
NEX4000HGFE Medium Size Lake/River, light offshore or beach 5.8:1 8lb/240yds
0.30-180 8.5kg 325g
NEXC5000HGFE Medium Size Lake/River, light offshore or beach 5.8:1 10lb/240yds
0.35-175 8.5kg 320g
NEX6000FE Large Size Rock, beach, offshore 4.9:1 12lb/265 yds
16lb/170 yds
20lb/120 yds
0.37/190 8.5kg 595g
NEX8000FE Large Size Rock, beach, offshore 4.9:1 14lb/270 yds
16lb/220 yds
20lb/160 ydss
0.40/230 8.5kg 580g
  • Model: Shimano Nexave Fishing Reel
  • XT-7 body
  • 3+1 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Single piece aluminium handle
  • Value for money for an entry level series
  • Moderate cast rating
  • Note: Price is for 1x reel only. Price varies depending on what size you choose to order. Multiple images for illustration only.

Buyers Guide – Fishing Applications and rod suggestions

Small Size Models (Nexave 1000, 2500 or 3000 size)

The smaller reels cover you in the rivers and estuaries against lighter species. Cast plastics at flathead, nippers at Whiting schooling around the drop overs, cast the ubiquitous prawn at the oyster racks for a certain shot at Bream.

If you want to try your hand at finesse fishing without the huge price, purchase a 1000 and hit the brackish water for Bass. They take a range of lures and your Nexave 1000 is perfect for the job especially when matched with a graphite spin rod around 6-7ft in length with a rating of around 1-4kg

2500 or 3000 sizes are the next step up in size and our biggest selling sizes for lake and river fishing as they hold that little more line capacity, making them much more versatile. Perfect for fishing in lakes, rivers and general light saltwater or freshwater fishing styles. We suggest matching a Shimano Nexave 2500 reel to a rod up to 7ft in length with a line rating anywhere between 2-5kg ideally. Same goes for the 3000 size, though you could pair it to a slightly heavier rated rod If desired.

Medium Size Models (4000 or 5000 Size)

Shimano Nexave 4000 and 5000 size models are the medium class size. They can make a bit of an all-round size really covering the bait fisho inshore in the lakes and rivers, for a bit of light offshore, or those that step it up a bit and target barra, murry cod, school river mulloway and other larger classes of fish. The 4000-5000 size class also make an ideal size range for light beach or rock fishing with lines up to 10lb or thereabouts.

In terms of fishing rods to match A Nexave 5000 or 4000 is going to be a little broad due to the versatility of size, but a few suggestions are to match this size reel up to a 6-8ft rod rated 3-6kg or thereabouts for general river fishing. For the fisho that fishes a bit heavier for barra, cod or does a little offshore fishing we suggest looking for a rod rated within 5-10kg line classs around 7ft in length. Graphite will be best as they will sport better actions for the heavier line class without being ridiciously bulky and heavy. For rock or light beach fishing a 9ft shorespin or 10ft 6inch shimano coastline rod should pair together nicely with a nexave 4000 or nexave 5000 fishing reel.

Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing styles.

Large Size Models (6000 or 8000 Size)

6000 or 8000 size is mostly suited to saltwater fishing styles and have you covered for surf and rocks, with all the grunt and line capacity you need to tackle larger fish. The same reels will be perfect for the boat or as your general-purpose outfit. Tackle the like of big Aussie Salmon, Kingfish, or angry surfside Tailor. Put on a live Yakka and have a shot at a Mulloway from a break wall. 6000 or 8000 size reels will ideally match boat rods around 6-7ft in length with ratings anywhere from 8-15kg ideally. In the rock and surf scene we are talking 10-13ft rods ratings will be similar. So, fishing rods around 6-15kg line class.


  • Choosing an affordable piece of Shimano technology will ensure your first venture into fishing will be with style and performance.
  • The XT-7 body allows the novice to get the feel of the top price super light weight models. There’s plenty of touch in the Shimano Nexave Reel.
  • The stainless bearings provide even the most careless angler a significant level of protection against water and dust ingress. Your Shimano Nexave Reel with care, lasts longer.

Entry level needn’t mean sluggish performance. In fact, with Shimano and a Nexave in your hand, you get all the performance you require at a price point that will allow you to stock up on all of your tackle needs. Get your Shimano Nexave Reel now.




1000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000

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