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When you want to tackle big Yellow Tail Kingfish from the rocks, you need some pretty serious kit. The same goes for hunting the surf gutters for huge Mulloway. Of course, should you wish to jig up the odd GT from the blue water, you are definitely going to require a reel of some size and power. For those looking to embrace this extreme fishing action, a great place to start is with a reel that can handle the pressure. The Shimano Socorro SW 8000 or Socorro 10000 are such fishing reels, and you’ll be able to strap one to your favourite rod for a surprisingly small outlay.

The Shimano Socorro SW Reels 8000 and 10000 are loaded with technological goodies that defy the entry level price tag. The Hagane gears and body are perfect for the strength big fish demand. The casting manners of the AR-C spool gives you the capacity to cast live baits the distance you need. It also provides the strength you need without the excessive weight.

X-ship also comes standard and the 12kg of Cross Carbon Drag will give you the head turning power you need to subdue your prey and get him heading to the boat. Of course you’ll have plenty of room for a heap of heavy mono which, of course, indicates room for oceans of braid. Whether you fish the blue water, the rocks or the beach, your Socorro 1000 reel or 8000 reel, whichever you choose to purchase packs all the technology you need.

This type of big fish action is not for the light hearted. The Socorro will ensure you have the best reel you need to wrestle with our biggest, but landing the prize catch is ultimately up to you. Anyone can hook a 15kg Kingfish from the rocks – but can you land him? Well, the Shimano Socorro SW Reels 8000 and 10000 gets you in the game with a better than sporting chance. The rest is up to you. The Shimano Socorro SW Reels 8000 and 10000 for sale now. Grab one. You’ll never look back.

Features and Specifications

  • Gear Ratio: 4.9:1
  • Max Drag: 12kgs
  • Ball bearings:  4+1
  • AR-C Spool
  • S A-RB
  • X-Ship
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • Hagane Body
  • Hagane Gearing
  • Moderate to High Cranking Range
  • Weight 8000 model is approx 640 grams and the 10,000 model is around 665 grams
  • Price is for 1 reel only – choose which size suits you best when ordering from us

Line Capacities

  • 8000 Size (mono capacity approx lbs/yards):   10/240, 12/195, 14/165
  • 8000 Size (braid capacity approx lbs/yards):  40/340, 50/265, 65/215
  • 10000 Size (mono capacity approx lbs/yards):   12/500, 16/320, 20/220
  • 10000 Size (braid capacity approx lbs/yards):  50/360, 65/290, 80/215

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Ideal for beach fishing as well as spinning from the rocks or from the boat this reel also makes a great bottom fishing or spin reel.  There a quite a number of rod options you could use these reels with from 8-10ft rock rods, 12ft beach rods or 6-7ft boat rods.

For Rod choice – check out our handy selection guide here


  • Big reels for handling big fish. From casting big plastics and metal lures to trolling and jigging the blue water.
  • Ideal for tackling big Species from the beach and rocks and your boat.
  • Inexpensive access to serious off-shore action.
  • With 12kg max drag of cross carbon drag you have an awesome amount of fish stopping power.
  • Hagane technology in the gearing and body give you the strength to handle big blue water species.
  • The AR-C Spool provides great strength and awesome casting power that will allow you to launch big baits well out into the breakers.

The Shimano Socorro SW Reels size 8000 and 10000 are big spin reels designed for big, heavy fish. From the blue water to the beach and rocks you’ll have all the power you need to create lasting fishing memories by ticking off some of those monsters you have always had on your bucket list.




Size 8000, Size 1000

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