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No list of superlatives can ever do justice to the Shimano Stella FJ fishing reel, for sale now. It has to be held, admired and, most importantly, deployed against your favourite targets. To truly appreciate the refined engineering, you have to use it. If you’re looking for the best there is, you have found it. This is the top spin reel in the Shimano stables. When an iconic brand like Shimano pulls out all stops, you know the product is going to be something extra special. This is not a reel for which you ask, “how much?” It is a reel to which all spin reel anglers aspire.

All the flagship Shimano technology is represented, packaged in a perfectly balance reel. It has style and lines that only come second to its phenomenal performance. The Predecessor of the FJ (being the FE) was an exceptional reel. Now imagine the FJ. It has even more advanced technology with subtle refinements that make an incredible impact to the feel, performance, durability and longevity. Every single part of the Stella has been overhauled and refined to produce the FJ. It’s perfect.

Peerless in performance and presentation, the Stella FJ might make you breathe a little heavy when you see the price, but its sure to take your breath away the first time you cast it. Check below for a phenomenal list of inclusions, then choose you Shimano Stella FJ Reel, for sale now.

Features and Specifications

Model Size Class Gear Ratio Max Drag Approx Mono Line Capacity Apprpx braid line Capacity App Weight
Stella 1000 FJ Small 5.1:1 3kg 2lb/270 yds
4lb/140 yds
6lb /110 yds
10lb/95 yds
15lb/85 yds
20lb/65 yds
Stella 2500 FJ Small 6.0:1 9kg 8lb /140 yds
10lb /120 yds
10lb/150 yds
15lb/145 yds
30lb/100 yds
Stella 3000 FJ Small-med 5.8:1 11kg 6lb /230 yds
8lb /170 yds
10lb/140 yds
10lb/200 yds
20lb/140 yds
40lb/105 yds
Stella 4000 FJ Medium 6.4:1 9kg 8lb/240 yds
10lb/200 yds
12lb/160 yds
15lb/280 yds
30lb/170 yds
50lb/150 yds
Stella 5000 FJ Medium 6.2:1 11kg 10lb/240 yds
12lb/195 yds
14lb/165 yds
20lb/220 yds
30lb/200 yds
40lb/160 yds
  • 12+1 S ARB Bearing system
  • Hagane Gear
  • Micro Module Gear II
  • X-Ship
  • Hagane Body
  • X-Protect
  • Silent Drive
  • G Free Body
  • AR-C Spool
  • E.I. Surface Treatment
  • Rigid Support Drag
  • One Piece Bail
  • Extra High Crank Power Rating
  • Front Drag
  • Extra High Cast Rating

Note: Price is for 1 reel only, choose size when ordering (pricing varies depending on model chosen) Multiple images for display and reference only.

Shimano Stella FJ Buyers Guide

The size range has all the inshore applications covered. The 4000 and 5000 will give you access to a much larger class of fish and will provide brilliant sport in the blue or against prize winning Barra and Murray Cod. The offshore anglers looking to pit small against big will also love the 4000 and the 5000 to test against Kingfish, Dolphin Fish, Snapper and other reef inhabitants and their pelagic cousins.

The 1000, 2500 or 3000 size provide you with a tournament grade fishing reel to use against bream, flathead, Australian bass, trout and all your other light weight opponents.


  • Silent Drive removes noise from clicking and handle play, for the smoothest cranking available.
  • Micromodule II is a more refined version of Micromodule, making for an extremely smooth reeling experience, but with all the power and strength Micromodule is famous for.
  • The G-Free body is achieved by putting the centre of gravity closer to the angler’s hand for reduced fatigue and enhanced casting.
  • The one piece bail has no gap for line to snag. Friction is reduced, and you line hits the roller earlier in the cast.
  • Rigid Support drag removes the wobble that occurs when you drag is set to super light. The result is a velvety smooth drag, even at the lightest setting.
  • The Hagane Gear is produced by cold forging which ultimately delivers the smoothness, strength, lightness and awesome power.
  • The Hagane body houses your gears, protecting them from flex and movement with its high rigidity. The result is a mechanism of superb efficiency.

Whether you are a tournament Pro, or a seasoned angler that demands the best there is, the Shimano Stella FJ Reel, for sale now, will become the leading fishing reel in your reel arsenal. Flawless in both appearance and performance, reels simply don’t get any better than this.




1000 FJ, 2500 FJ, 3000 FJ, 4000 FJ, 5000 FJ

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