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One could argue that it’s pretty easy to make a good fishing reel even better. All you need do as add better, more high performance components.  While this is true, it takes true innovation, and dedication to your fans to significantly increase the performance of a spin reel yet keep it in the same or similar price bracket. This is what Shimano have done with the latest incarnation of the Stradic Ci4 and if you are in the market for an amazing fishing reel for light offshore or medium inshore applications then keep reading.

The new changes equate to significant enhancement of performance and durability in the Shimano CI4 3000 and 4000 size fishing reels. The big additions are Hagane gears and Shimano Coreprotect. Hagane gears are state of the art technology created by Shimano. The smoothness strength and durability of Hagane is cold forged synchronicity. In concert with X-ship and the new Magnumlite rotor, winding is super easy while under load.

With the addition of the new magnumlite rotor, the new Stradic has achieved weight reductions of 5 grams. Lowering the centre of gravity has also delivered a much lighter feel. The result of this significant improvement in weight, balance and lightweight feel means anglers can use the 3000 or 4000 for applications getting all the benefits of a compact small reel but with the benefits of a much greater drag power and line capacity.

Shimano Coreprotect is a huge gain for continued peak performance and durability. It helps to keep out the elements that destroy spinning reel internals. Water, salt, and dust can make short work of bearings, gears and all moving parts for that matter. Coreprotect eliminates the chance of ingress from these reel-wreckers, protecting your investment and ensuring a long and happy working life.

These stradic CI4 Spinning reels will dominate the inshore grounds. They’re an ideal choice for hunting big Murray cod and big Barra in the fresh rivers and impoundments. Spin reel enthusiasts will also love pegging hard bodies at big salty Barra wherever you find them. The 4000 will be perfect for pitting yourself versus the biggest of them. You could target other species such as reef mulloway, flathead or snapper, the list goes on and on really and in reality, land based or fishing from your favourite boat or Kayak, just pick a species, you’re new Stradic will serve you brilliantly. Buy now to take advantage of the great prices.

Features and Specifications

Model Mono Line Capacity approx. Approx braid Line capacity Max Drag (kg) Gear Ratio Weight (g)
3000CI4+HGFB 6lb/230 yards, 8lb/170yards, 10lb/140 yards 10lb/200 yards, 20lb/140 yards, 40lb/105 yards 9.0 6.0:1 190
4000CI4+XGFB 8lb/240 yards, 10lb/200 yards, 12lb/160 yards 15lb/280 yards, 30lb/170 yards, 50lb/150 yards 11.0 6.2:1 230
  • Great for medium to heavier style inshore fishing or light offshore fishing
  • Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fishing applications
  • Quality Shimano technology inclusions including durable Hagane Gears coupled with Xship for additional durability, G Free body, Aerowrap and more.
  • AR-C Spool for smoother and more accurate casting
  • Magnumlite rotor for extra weight reduction
  • Core protect included which helps keep elements at bay increasing longevity of reel.

Note: Price is for 1 reel only: Prices vary on display depending on which model you click on from our order menu. Images for illustration only, slight variations may occur.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Either reel be it the Stradic Ci4 3000 or Stradic Ci4 4000 reel will provide full coverage of the inshore grounds. Form Bream to Barra, the new Stradic is a force to be reckoned with. Also ideal for lighter offshore fishing for snapper, flathead and a range of other species.See our handy rod selection guide here for ideas on matching a rod to either of the 2 mentioned sizes.


  • Coreprotect is a brilliant addition, particularly in this price bracket. This feature ensures your new Stradic will stand the test of time compared to more basic model reels as the internals are better protected from the gear destroying elements .
  • Hagane gearing is the perfect combination strength, power and silky smooth. The ease of cranking and ‘feel’ underload is unsurpassed in this class
  • Ci4 technology is the reason your Stradic is so compact and lightweight yet incredibly rigid. This is why your Stradic punches well above its weight.
  • Casting manners see the new Stradic 3000 Ci4+ or 4000 Ci4+ make the perfect choice for tossing lure after lure. The AR-C Spool provides the foundation for this, combining with Aero Wrap 2 for outstanding line management.

Meet your new favourite inshore master piece. The Shimano Stradic C14+ FB 3000 & 4000 are brilliantly engineered, brilliantly priced spin reels suitable for even the most discerning of anglers. They sport some of the best Shimano technology yet remain priced accessibly. This new 2016 released Stradic CI4 model fishing reel will undoubtedly fly off the shelves.




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