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Like many of the spin reels in the huge Shimano range, the new FK Stradic reel has a list of inclusions that reads like the who’s who of reel technologies. You’re not simply buying a reel here, you are purchasing a complete fishing experience where the latest in cutting edge reel technology has been fused to the traditions of ‘made to last’. Made to last is a feature not widely available in just about any product since the early 60’s. Shimano’s incorporation of Hagan technology is at the heart of this contemporary press for reel longevity. Shimano accepts your fishing reel is likely to see some pretty harsh treatment, so the Shimano Stradic FK reel has been constructed to handle it, and handle it well into its fishing future.

The sizes 1000, 2500 and 3000 are considered small fishing reels and are incredibly lightweight. These diminutive creatures are finesse style spinning reels yet more than ready to deal out serious punishment to larger fish unaccustomed to doing as directed hen hooked through the mouth. The precision and sensitivity has to be felt to be appreciated. The action you’ll impart on your small lures will be unsurpassed and the feedback you get will be as though you are holding the lure in your hand. From vibes to unweighted plastics, you’ll dominate the rivers and estuaries with a level of precision in which you will soon become addicted. They are perfect for casting at Bream and Bass from you land based launch pad. Work a stream for Trout or drift a drop off for Whiting and Flathead.

Confidence is the primary feature. You can fish with a focus on the hunt knowing your equipment is more than up to the task. They are incredibly robust with a staying power as unfailing as yours. After a thousand casts or so, several larger than expected fish and a few bumps, your FK Stradic will beg for more. Get yours now before word gets out and the shelves are stripped

Features and Specifications

  • Hagane Body
  • Hagane Gear
  • Shimano Super Stopper II Concept
  • X-Ship concept Gearing
  • S A-RB Bearings (6+1 ball bearings)
  • Aluminium Spool (cold forged)
  • Shimano Dyna-Balance System
  • Fluidrive II
  • Power Roller II
  • SR-Concept
  • Propulsion Line Management System
  • Aero Wrap II
  • 6.0:1 gear ratio

Note: Images are for illustration purposes only – differences may occur – Price displayed is for 1 reel only – choose your size when ordering

Size Specific Reel Specifications

Stradic FK 1000 Reel

  • Mono Capacity (kg/m): 1/250
  • Capacity Power Pro (Lb/Yds): 10/95
  • Max Drag: 3kg
  • Reel weight 195 grams
  • Cm per handle crank (line retrieve): 78cm
  • Suggested Rod and fishing applications: As a guide only a stradic 1000 FK fishing reel would generally suit light freshwater and saltwater fishing for species we would therefore suggest matching the 1000 FK stradic upto a 6-7ft rod with a line rating anywhere from 1-4kg

Stradic FK 2500 Reel

  • Mono Capacity (kg/m): 3/180
  • Capacity Power Pro (Lb/Yds): 10/150
  • Max Drag: 9kg
  • Reel weight 235 grams
  • Cm per handle crank (line retrieve): 88cm
  • Suggested Rod and fishing applications: As a guide only a stradic 2500 FK fishing reel will ideally match to any rod around 6-7ft 6 inch in length with an average line rating of around 2-6kg

Stradic FK 3000 Compact Reel

  • Mono Capacity (kg/m): 4/150
  • Capacity Power Pro (Lb/Yds): 10/200
  • Max Drag: 9kg
  • Reel weight 230 grams
  • Cm per handle crank (line retrieve): 88cm
  • Suggested Rod and fishing applications: As a guide only a stradic 3000 FK fishing reel will be fine for rods of around 7ft-8ft with a line rating for around 3-6kg and will also be fine as a light blackfish / whiting style spinning reel on a longer 9-10ft style blackfish rod rated upto around 4kg.


  • Enjoy the lightweight finesse while knowing your fishing reel will handle the toughest of conditions protected by the Shimano Hagane full metal body.
  • Hagane gearing will provide you with velvety smooth operation while ensuring the reel will stand the test of time under the tough Aussie conditions.
  • Propulsion Line management will change the way you view your access. Casting precision is unsurpassed. You will get your lure or bait exactly where you want it more effectively.
  • Hagane and S A-RB provide your foundation of reel longevity. Add X-ship, and you have a reel that will tackle fish much bigger than you expect from such a small package.
  • Super Stopper II is unrelenting come strike time. The hooks have nowhere to go but securely into your target. There is zero play. Strike time is now a whole new ball game.

There is little more to add about the Shimano Stradic FK 1000, FK 2500 and FK 3000 compact and price is kind of irrelevant. While genuinely affordable, at only a slight premium, they’re so good, parting with the cash won’t hurt a bit. You’ll have a lifetime of incredible fishing experiences with the FK Stradic reel, and you’ll love every second of it.




FK 1000, FK 2500, FK 3000

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