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Get excited as the new Sustain FI Fishing reel is here. This new model has exceeded our expectations and is now setting a new benchmark for both saltwater and freshwater fishing backed by the fact that it won the best in show award at ICAST 2017 for best inshore saltwater fishing reel.

Sustain is a model by Shimano that has been around for many years now. However, the New FI series is full of new upgrades and enhancements that make this reel an amazing piece of kit a reel that any intermediate to advanced angler should consider for their next new spinning reel.

A massive stand out for us was that Shimano have announced the Sustain FI reel has MGL or otherwise known as Magnumlight rotor. The biggest advantage here is that MGL is around 25% lighter than traditional rotor materials and that translates to much better balance, less inertia which makes start and stop much easier overall offering sheer performance brilliance.

Cross Carbon Drag is a new Shimano technology released in 2017. Cross carbon allows a much wider range of drag settings and better stopping power particularly if you use braided lines. All this translates to the smoothest drag performance ever seen in a Shimano reel.

X-Protect technology is included with the new Shimano Sustain Reel FI series, X-protect is a special water repellent coating helping to stop water intrusion into the key areas of your reel. What’s more is that X-protect coating is light weight and does not interfere with reel performance.

One other thing we were also pleased to see in the new model is that that Hagane gearing and Hagane body has been included. Hagane is Shimano’s cold forging process that offers a reel that has ultra-impressive strength. When I had the opportunity to visit the Shimano factory over in Japan I got to see how Hagane parts were made and the difference between Hagane and machine cut gearing. We did product testing with other brands that use older machine cut technology and I can tell you one thing, after putting the reels through their paces in the factory testing facility, the reels that had Hagane  still came out feeling ultra-smooth compared to the competitor reels and even the cheaper Shimano reels which we tested that still had machine cut gearing. End of the story is that Hagane helps to give your reel long lasting durability and smoothness over and over.

Features and Specifications

  • Shimano Hagane Cold Forged Gear
  • Hagane Cold forged G-Free body
  • MGL Magnumlite rotor system
  • X-Protect water repellent coating
  • New cross carbon drag system
  • 8+1 ARB Bearings

Note: Images of Sustain FI are for illustration only, slight differences can occur between models. Price is for one reel only and price varies depending on which size sustain reel you choose to purchase.

Model Size Grade Approx Mono Capacity Approx Braid Cap Line Capacity in Diameter Approx Weight Max Drag Gear Ratio
Sustain 2500 FI Small 6lb/200yd, 8lb/140yd, 10lb/120yd 10/150, 15 lb /145yd 0.25mm/160m 235g 9kg 6.0:1
Sustain 3000 FI compact Small-Med 6lb /230yd, 8lb /170yd, 10lb /140 yd 10lb /200 yd, 20lb /140 yd 0.25mm/210m 225g 9kg 6.0:1
Sustain 4000 FI Medium 8lb /240 yd, 10lb /200yd, 12lb /160yd 15lb /280yd, 30lb /170yd 0.30mm/180m 285g 11kg 6.2:1
Sustain 5000 FI Medium 10lb /240 yd, 12lb /195 yd, 14lb /165 yd 20lb /220yd, 30lb /200 yd 0.35mm/175m 285g 11kg 6.2:1

Shimano Sustain Reel Buyer’s Guide

As there is a couple of different sizes in this single listing, we appreciate that some of you anglers may not be all that familiar with reel sizing so below is a little bit of an insight to prepare you in making the right decision on which size Shimano Sustain reel to purchase for your fishing situation. If you are still unsure just get in contact with us for further advise.

Small Grade Size Sustain Fishing Reels

Included in our small size grade is the Shimano Sustain 2500 reel and Sustain 3000 reel. These reels are typically suited to freshwater and lighter saltwater fishing styles for example targeting bream, bass, flathead, perch, trout and a range of other light class fish in situations such as rivers, lakes or even dams. Whist only a basic guide we suggest matching this size reel up with a rod around 6-7ft 6inches in length ideally with a line rating anywhere between around 2-5kg. It is a suggestion only so feel welcome to go via your own judgement should you wish.  Both the 2500 and the 3000 share the same physical body size, it’s just the difference in spool capacities.

Medium Grade Size Sustain Fishing Reels

The Shimano Sustain 4000 and 5000 fishing reel both share the same body size again and is just down to spool capacity. We class the 4000 and 5000 as a medium sized reel that suits heavy inshore fishing. So, fishing for the likes of big estuary fish such as large flathead, barra and species like murray cod in freshwater. Pair it up to a graphite rod with a rating of around 5-10kg in the vicinity of about 6-7ft 6 inches.

4000 or 5000 sizes also makes a great light offshore boat reel for snapper and other general reef fish, especially for using soft plastics and vibes and for this we recommend a rod with around the same line rating, about 5-10kg, and again in the 6-7ft 6 inch size.

Lastly, you can also use this reel for a bit of light rock and beach action. We have a range of 9ft shore spin and 10ft – 10ft 6inch light coastline surf rods for sale that will match nicely with the sustain 4000 or sustain 5000 fishing reel with line ratings of 3-5kg plus.

Benefits and Summary

  • Hagane gearing is included in the Shimano Sustain Reel, which being cold forged as opposed to machine cut means the gearing is ultra-strong and is designed to last longer. There is less chance of stripping gears and wearing your gears down.
  • X-Protect is an excellent feature we are happy to hear is included with the Shimano Sustain Reels. It helps keep the water off all the critical parts of the reel increasing the life span.
  • Cross carbon drag system is impressive, it offers excellent max drag capabilities as well as providing ultra-smooth performance.
  • Magnumlite rotor will provide less angler fatigue, better reel balance, less inertia and overall better performance.

An amazing new reel from Shimano full of bells and whistles and all for a very affordable investment for the intermediate to advanced angler. We deliver worldwide so all that is left is for you to pick a size then buy a Shimano Sustain Reel here at Fishing Tackle Shop.




Sustain 2500 FI, Sustain 3000 FI, Sustain 4000 FI, Sustain 5000 FI

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