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A 4000 or 5000 size spinning reel provides anglers with access to a huge range of fishing options and targets. Reels the calibre of the Shimano Ultegra FB expand this range. This sort of pedigree allows you to fish in style and with the confidence to take on larger targets with confidence.

A low centre of gravity, Hagane gears, S A-RB and X-ship combine to provide an astonishingly smooth and comfortable feel. Fishing the new Shimano Ultegra FB is pure joy. The AR-C Spool and Aero Wrap 2 work in concert to promote excellent casting manners, great from land based or your boat. Shimano Coreprotect mitigates against the destructive power of the salty conditions, ensuring your reel last countless expeditions and battles. The XGT-7 body is very rigid, offering outstanding protection of the critical internals and ensuring gears remain perfectly meshed.

The Shimano Ultegra 4000FB or 5000FB fishing reel size will suit the anglers looking for an all-rounder. A general purpose go-to utility that will be brilliant on the beach, the rocks insure and for lighter offshore sports fishing. Tackle monster Bream of the 40cm range from the rocks. Pit yourself against tackle busting drummer. Cast metal slices from your boat, the beach, headland or rocks for Tailor and Bonito and Salmon. Upto 11kg of max drag and generous spool capacities will see you well placed should a Mulloway of size monster your minnow.

Priced to sell now, the Shimano Ultegra FB Medium Sizes will become one of the key fishing reels in your reel arsenal. Don’t delay, take advantage of fishingtackleshop.com.au unbeatable pricing and put one in your basket now.

Features and Specifications

Model Ratio Bearings Max Drag (kg) Approx Mono (kg/m) Braid (kg/g) Weight (g)
Ultegra 4000FB 6.2:1 5+1 11 8lb/240yds, 10lb/200yds or 12lb/160yds 15lb/230yds or 20lb/205yds 285
Ultegra 5000FB 6.2:1 5+1 11 6/200 20lb/ 220yds, 30lb/200yds or 40lb/160yds 280
  • Hagane Gear
  • X-Ship
  • Coreprotect
  • AR-C Spool
  • S A-RB
  • Aero Wrap 2
  • High Crank Power Rating
  • XGT-7 body
  • 10 Year Warranty

Note: Images for illustration only, price is for 1 single ultegra FB, either 4000 or 5000 (not both).

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Shimano Ultegra 4000FB or 5000FB make a great allround reel. Perfect for heavier inshore fishing applications as well as light offshore sport and reef fishing. We have put together a very handy rod/reel size guide here should you need more information on matching a rod to your new ultegra reel.


  • Coreprotect provides the sort of water resistance the salt anglers love. Keep the salt out and enjoy your reel for long working life.
  • Hagane Gears are the heat and soul of your Ultegra. Expect perfect synchronicity and a reliable mesh.
  • S A-RB bearings provide silky smooth cranking. Importantly, the seal ensures sand and dust will not get in a spoil the show.
  • The XGT-7 body provides the sort of rigidity that inspires confidence when battling larger fish. With no twist, gears are kept in place and perfect .
  • X-Ship technology works hand in glove with the Hagane gears and S A-RB providing and incredibly silky smooth feel.
  • Aero Wrap 2 and the AR-C Spool promote awesome casting manners. The spool capacities are generous for both mono and braid
  • The Ultegra FB has a 10-year warranty. Now that is all the confidence you need to fish your FB hard.

Shimano Ultegra 4000 FB or Ultegra 5000 FB are brilliant utilities for fishing a broad range of applications. This is one classy workhorse and will suit the angler looking to fish with a touch of Shimano engineering class at a price that won’t hurt a bit.




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